The Sectional Puzzle
There are many reasons to love sectionals, and it’s easy to get especially excited when it comes to modular versions of these sought-after designs. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, let us explain how it works and why you might want to give it a try. Modular pieces are separate components that can be placed together in a configuration that perfectly fits your space. Whether you want to create a small L-shape or large conversation pit that everyone will enjoy, the sky’s the limit!
Mad About Modular
Because modular pieces are individual and flexible, the configuration options are infinite. Switch, change and rearrange the components into seating arrangements that suit your every fancy. Feel like bunching them all together in a sofa-like design? Do it! Want to create a U-shape for the whole family to pile onto? Be our guest! The versatility is virtually limitless. Even just a corner unit, armless chair and ottoman have the power to make your dream living room come true.
Recline If You Want To
Another modular marvel, this collection offers stationary and power reclining components that will take your lounging experience to new levels of luxury. Create a configuration specific to your space and taste with a variety of pieces to choose from, as well as multiple colors to cater to any style. Best of all, plush pillow top cushions are loose, reversible and perfectly blissful.
Small But Mighty
When you think sectional, you may have visions of grand designs dancing in your head, but there are plenty of modestly sized options out there too. Even small spaces can accommodate something like a sofa/chaise, which provides everything you want in a sectional, minus the expansive proportions. Lounge large and enjoy the sensation of stretch-out relaxation in an ideal configuration.
Spice Things Up
Now that you’ve got your sectional deal figured out, it’s time to pile on the fun with accents, accessories and décor that add all that jazz. No matter the configuration, it will be the perfect foundation for layers of personal style. Express yourself via colors, textures and patterns that speak to who you are and what you love. Go for bold and boho or neutral and traditional – all that matters is that it looks good to you.

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