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Best Sectional Sofas - The Official List

The votes are in! Here are the year’s best sectional sofas, based on customer reviews.

Best Leather Sectional

Tatum Dark Grey 2 Piece Sectional

Height: 38"

Width: 116"

Best Features: Top grain leather - Power recliner

Top grain leather seats, a power reclining design and USB port, and adjustable headrests – it’s no wonder the Tatum consistently rakes in the top customer reviews year after year. Small space dwellers also appreciate the design’s versatile size.

Tatum Dark Grey 2 Piece Sectional: Featured Customer Review

"I absolutely love this sofa. It looks great in my living room, it is clean and sleek looking. I have 4 dogs and I love that I can just wipe it clean. I let my dogs go on my sofa and they love it too!!" - Jodie

Best Fabric Sectionals

Alder Foam 4 Piece Sectional w/Right Arm Facing Chaise

Height: 31"

Width: 152"

Best Features: Comfy seating - Neutral color

The Alder Foam is a tour-de-force of comfort and a top-rated bestseller for a reason. Featuring a soft, cozy fabric over a comfort foam blend designed for total lounging bliss – it’s the perfect companion for lazy weekends.

Alder Foam 4 Piece Sectional with Right Arm Facing Chaise: Featured Customer Review

"If you're looking for a couch that can fit the whole family, this is the one. It's comfortable and I feel like it will last us a long time." - Sally

Amherst 2 Piece Sectional

Height: 34.6"

Width: 113.4"

Best Features: Foam cushions - Bold pillows

Featuring cozy beige upholstery designed for all-day lounging, it’s not hard to see why the Amherst deserves its ever-growing fanbase. Plus, it’s sturdy: like most of the sectionals on this list, the Amherst is built on a kiln-dried solid hardwood frame. But the real reason why it shines has to do with what’s not seen: a comfy foam composition that contours, cradles and supports, all at once.

Amherst 2 Piece Sectional: Featured Customer Review

"I absolutely love this sofa, its look, the material, and comfort. A nice solid piece of furniture that will go with any decor. I am very happy with this purchase!" - Beachy

Best Chaise Sofas

Cosmos Grey 2 Piece Sectional with Left Arm Facing Chaise

Height: 34"

Width: 112"

Best Feature: Big size

Almost since the moment the Cosmos was first introduced on the market a few years back, it’s proved to be a cult favorite among consumers. It's also proved that bigger is better: if you’re after roomy seating, it’s got it. Lots of it.

Cosmos Grey 2 Piece Sectional with Left Arm Facing Chaise: Featured Customer Review

"We absolutely love the low profile of this couch. It was perfect for opening up our living room without cutting off walking space to the kitchen. The color is neutral, but nice (matches our cat's fur, thankfully). The back cushions velcro on, so they do make a bit of a noise if you plop down, but they're very squishy and comfortable . . . Either way, I took a great nap on it today, so no complaints!" - Brittany

Paige Convertible Chaise Sleeper

Height: 34.6"

Width: 84.6"

Best Feature: Sleeper 

The Paige’s chaise isn’t just a chaise – it’s also a sleeper chaise. What’s more, it comes with a split back and 5 unique positions for arrangement, designed for saving space or expanding, as needed. In other words, it’s everything one could ever hope for in a sectional; year after year, the customer reviews tend to agree.

Paige Convertible Chaise Sleeper: Featured Customer Review

"I love how multifunctional and comfortable this sofa is. I can comfortably sleep and lounge on the side while my partner sits and watches television. It's a wonderful addition to our home." - Cilla

Best Affordable Sectionals

Arrowmask 2 Piece Sectional with Left Arm Facing Chaise

Height: 38"

Width: 115.5"

Best Features: Two-piecer - Modern design

If you’re on a tighter budget, the Arrowmask is eager to rise to the occasion. Features include modern track arms, a spacious chaise and tufted back cushions. A low price tag just the cherry on top of this top-reviewed sectional design.

Arrowmask 2 Piece Sectional with Left Arm Facing Chaise: Featured Customer Review

"We found this set, and as a family, we fell in love. With a baby on the way, we felt all of us would have plenty of room; after we got the sofa and claimed our spots, we had more space then we needed. A few weeks in, we find ourselves still very comfortable (and Daddy will, on occasion, fall asleep!" - Patrick

Alder Foam 4 Piece Sectional

Height: 31"

Width: 152"

Best Features: Big size - Affordability

Your search for the most comfortable, most affordable sectional is over. Meet the Alder: a massive four-seater whose sole purpose is to serve up unbeatable comfort, day in and day out. It’s no wonder so many customers have felt the need to return the favor with 5-star ratings.

Alder 4 Piece Sectional: Featured Customer Review

"So great. Comfy, large, and in charge. Great quality!" - Dustinbrown99

Best Modern Sectional

Mcdade Graphite 2 Piece Sectional with Left Arm Facing Armless Chaise

Height: 38"

Width: 114"

Best Features: Track arms - Supportive comfort

While the statement pillows and sleek lines of the McDade technically classify it as ‘modern,’ it’s anything but stuffy. Take one glance at its customer reviews, and you’ll see what we mean. All told, a total comfort design.

McDade Graphite with Left Arm Facing Armless Chaise: Featured Customer Review

"If you like firm couches, this is the one for you! The quality is amazing for the price." - Diana

Most Comfortable Sectional Sofa

Amherst 2 Piece Sectional with Right Arm Facing Chaise

Height: 34.6"

Width: 113.4"

Best Features: Deep seats - Tweed-inspired fabric

‘Come for the style, stay for the feel,’ should be the motto of the Amherst. Features include luxe-to-the-touch fabric over comfort foam cushioning, and an attention-grabbing silhouette. We’ve long held the belief that the Amherst makes a statement every possible way; its customer ratings tend to agree.

Amherst 2 Piece Sectional with Right Arm Facing Chaise: Featured Customer Review

"A quality couch with firm yet comfortable pillows. The fabric is nice, too. The color is slightly darker in person, but still has that light-colored couch feel and will work in absolutely any type of decor/style." - Lomclaugh3

Best L-Shaped Sectional

Amherst 2 Piece Sectional with Right Arm Facing Chaise

Height: 34.6"

Width: 113.4"

Best Feature: Spacious seating

For the best sectional sofa, what can we say? The Amherst’s customer reviews pretty much have it covered, so we’re just going to let them speak for themselves. (“Super comfortable,” “Best sofa ever,” and, simply, “Perfect” are just a few of our favorites!)

Amherst 2 Piece Sectional with Right Arm Facing Chaise: Featured Customer Reviews

"We were long overdue for a good L-shaped couch, but struggled to find the right look, and especially, the feel. This had the right color, with enough gray in the white to cover small marks. Good support and space for two to comfortably lounge!" - JonB

Best Tufted Sectional

Arrowmask 2 Piece Sectional with Right Arm Facing Chaise

Height: 38"

Width: 115.5"

Best Features: Tufted back - Chaise

The Arrowmask features a cozy charcoal finish and comfy, spacious chaise – but the tufted upholstery steals the show. Also worth noting is its durability factor; “easy-to-clean” and “extra strong frame” are common motifs within the Arrowmask’s customer reviews.

Arrowmask 2 Piece Sectional with Right Arm Facing Chaise: Featured Customer Review

"The couch was relatively easy to put together, the only challenge was fitting the legs on the bottom. The comfort and style of the couch is perfect! It’s comfortable without sinking in and has so much room for more than one person." - Samantha

Best Reversible Sectional

Tucker Sofa with Reversible Chaise

Height: 39"

Width: 89"

Best Features: Reversible chaise - versatile size

The Tucker wins at the versatility game. Its sleek size, neutral color and reversible configuration make it adaptable to almost any home style and floor plan. Customers also tend to appreciate the matching chair that comes in the collection.

Tucker Sofa with Reversible Chaise: Featured Customer Review

"I did so much research and decided on this couch even before I went in the store. I loved it even more in the store. The legs are not super easy to put on, but the rest is ready to go when it gets to you. It is solid, not saggy in the pillows and offers great support. We have been spending the last month lounging on it with my daughter and Lab. Love it!" - Shelly

Best Customizable Sectional

Aspen Tranquil Foam 2 Piece Sleeper Sectional 

Height: 31"

Width: 108"

Best Features: Sleeper - Customizable

A part of the Special Order program, the Aspen comes with 100+ fabric and configuration options, which means that the options for customization are virtually limitless. While there are hundreds of high-rated sectionals in the Special Order program, we’re singling the Aspen out for its unassuming style. Not completely modern, not completely traditional, but rather a “blank canvas” silhouette just waiting to come alive with customization.

Aspen Tranquil Foam 2 Piece Sleeper Sectional: Featured Customer Review

"We had been looking for the perfect couch for both ourselves and our pets. The material cleans well with a quick swipe of a lint brush and the couch itself is very comfortable." - Amie

Best Modular Sectional

Greer Sectional

Height: 37”

Width: 143”

Best Features: Modular - 100% leather

The Greer lets you choose your configuration, so you can shape your living room exactly as you wish. Of course, shape would be nothing without comfort; the Greer’s foam core feather blend cushions make this sectional everything.

Greer Sectional: Featured Customer Review

"High quality leather and comfortable. The color can fit in with any room." - Fott (originally posted on Greer Dark Grey Sectional)

Best Sectional for Small Spaces

Ginger Sectional

Height: 34.3”

Width: 109.6”

Best Features: Tapered legs - Tufted

If ‘small space sectional’ were a game, we wouldn’t want to go up against the Ginger Sectional, which has all  the advantages. Style (mid-century-inspired), color (shown here in blue), comfort (tufted foam cushions) and, of course, small-space dimensions (109” is very hard to beat)!

Ginger Sectional: Featured Customer Review

"This is a very comfortable and stylish couch. It has a 70s modern feel to it and goes well in a family or loft space." - BandB

Best Reclining Sectional

Tatum Dark Grey 2 Piece Sectional with Right Arm Facing Armless Chaise

Height: 38"

Width: 116"

Best Features: Adjustable headrest - USB

Last on this list of best sectionals, but first in the hearts of many recliner-loving consumers. (See the Tatum’s reviews to get an idea of what we’re talking about here!) Star features include adjustable headrest, USB and, of course, power reclining technology.

Tatum Dark Grey Two Piece Sectional with Right Arm Facing Armless Chaise: Featured Customer Review

"We are loving our couch! The color is beautiful. The leather is comfy. It never is too cold or hot to sit on. We love the recliner with the USB so we can charge our phones. And the chaise is awesome for guests! Very happy with the purchase." - Cynthia

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