College Apartment Bedroom

All Grown Up
For college students, your first college apartment is kind of a big deal. While you may have had an initial taste of freedom in the dorm rooms, this is where adult living truly begins. This is where interior design preferences develop and blossom. This is where you learn to compromise and balance your needs and desires with your roommate’s. Whether you like boho, minimalist or trendy styles, we have room ideas and tips for everyone.
High Achiever
As far as college apartment bedroom ideas go, you’d be lost without a place to study. After all, education is the focus of these pivotal, brain-shaping years, and you need a desk for work. In a small space, carving out a quiet corner of the room is essential for concentration and inspiration. Wall art and room décor that adds even the tiniest bit of function will help shape your collegiate refuge.
Show and Tell
The transition from your college dorm to your first apartment entails the process of forming your design identity. Now, you actually have options to add a pop of color through paint, and you can even liven things up with greenery and succulents that bring the outside in. Décor ideas that include incorporating extra seating, extra storage or extra space are your golden ticket to living large. And its details like floating shelves and throw pillows, an area rug and special décor pieces that tell your style story.
Character Counts
There’s no such thing as too much storage space, which is why clever storage ideas are always welcome. Whether you choose a taller chest over a wider dresser or need to add storage bins throughout, there are plenty of ways to bring in function. While there are no rules for whether your bed frame and headboard need to match your storage pieces, sticking to coordinating materials and color schemes doesn’t hurt when selecting cohesive college apartment bedroom décor.
Game Plan
Dorm room ideas versus college apartment décor ideas differ slightly in their level of maturity. Even gamers grow up, evolve and require a space that caters to their more adult needs. A worthy desk and chair with all of the bells and whistles improves their odds of winning, while a bookshelf or two offer space to store and display knickknacks and neon signs. Room décor, including wall décor, skews older and wiser than posters, and all are grounded by a graphic grey rug.
Best in Class
When your college dorm room evolves into an apartment bedroom, you get to call more of the shots. You determine the entire room look and room feel and can dictate important elements like the apartment wall color and design. It’s the perfect opportunity to DIY and great creative with cool painting hacks. This high-tech retreat is also decked out with desk lighting and USB ports, so you can enjoy a truly smart space.
The Beat Goes On
Coming up with a vision and theme for your room is perhaps the most exciting part of brainstorming college apartment décor ideas. The perfect way for aspiring musicians to express themselves is by creating a set-up with all of the equipment that inspires them. Letting the various instruments and speakers do the work means getting to keep the rest of the design simple with a streamlined modern upholstered bed and mid-century accents.
High Note
You can use your parent’s home décor or old dorm décor for your current room décor, whether that involves mixing a black throw blanket, pillow, pouf and lamp with neon gallery wall art and a lime green accent chair. Like making a song, it’s all about blending different notes and tones together to create a symphony of sorts. Your décor pieces can be as bold or subdued as you want, as long as they feel true to you.