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Best Reclining Sectionals: The Official List

The best reclining sectionals of 2021. For this list, we picked sectionals with high ratings, smooth reclining motions and timeless designs. Which one most suits you and your style?

Best Overall Reclining Sectionals

Best Features: USB - Adjustable headrests - 2 piece
Size: 109"W x 59"D x 30"H
Why We Love It: Complete with a right arm-facing chaise (translation: comfy legroom), the Maddie has more style in its left armrest than most other sectionals combined. Sleek lines, tight fabric and a cool hue make the reclining feature all the more enjoyable.
Best Features: Contemporary - 5 piece
Size: 168"W x 134"D x 44"H
Why We Love It: The Sagan looks almost as though the manufacturers made a mistake – and overstuffed the cushions! Plump, pillowy, and ready to burst with comfort, this is one sectional we can envision ourselves glued to all weekend.

Best Power Reclining Sectionals

Best Features: USB - Adjustable headrests - 6 piece
Size: 138"W x 123"D x 42.5"H
Why We Love It: Even those who prefer to spend their reclining downtime tech-free will appreciate the Denali's USB port feature – which will keep devices charged and ready to use once breaktime is over. On top of its power mechanisms, the Denali comes in a dark grey coloring for easy style.
Best Features: USB - Adjustable headrests - 6 piece
Size: 131"W x 120"D x 40"H
Why We Love It: If the Marcus were a human, we'd imagine him to be smooth-talking and charismatic. In sectional form, it's got all the "life of the party" components, from USB to power headrests to modular configurations. 

Best Reclining Sectionals With USB

Best Features: Adjustable headrests - USB - Tight back
Size: 109"W x 59"D x 30"H
Why We Love It: The past year of stay-at-home living taught us a lot. One thing it taught was that "going to see a movie" can mean getting comfy in your own home. With adjustable headrests, USB and reclining motion, the Maddi makes "going to the movies" as comfy as ever.
Best Features: USB - Adjustable headrests - Armless chaise
Size: 116"W x 91"D x 38"H
Why We Love It: There's something about warm grey leather that just evokes classicism, tradition and legendary handsomeness. While the Tatum is all of these things, it's also made for 2022: power reclining mechanisms and USB funcionality make it a tech-friendly hit.

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