Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage Vibes
You’ve heard it before: everything old is new. The same goes for interior design. Trends from decades past tend to repeat themselves, so a silhouette or pattern that was popular back in the day makes its way into our lives again and again. Considering the resurgence of vintage styles like mid-century modern and art deco, we’re absolutely here for it. So won’t you join us as we go back to the future?
Feeling Nostalgic?
Contemporary homes represent an array of looks, including modern vintage style. The 50s, 60s and 70s in particular were an exciting time for design. Whether you gravitate towards the clean lines and minimalist elements of a Scandinavian scheme or the wild and free accessories of a colorful boho retro pad, hunt for vintage-inspired pieces that help you recreate the interior décor of yesteryear.
Blast from the Past
From your bedroom, to your living room, to your dining room, you can pull off a vintage modern look anywhere in your home. It’s all about nailing the little details. Vintage items often feature natural materials like warm woods, while spaces favor vibrant wall décor over plain white walls. The best interior design ideas include jute textiles and DIY botanical and floral arrangements that embody vintage style.
Time Warp
Mixing modern style with vintage décor is easier than you think. Both eras blend seamlessly together as long as you stick to a common theme. Keep things easy, breezy and bohemian with organic textures and bold colors. Bring in vintage pieces that are simple and sculptural – whether it’s a sofa, coffee table, end table or stool. You can’t go wrong with plants and fringe lighting – from table lamps to chandeliers. This approach to home décor is similar to how you would style vintage clothing. It’s a combination of what was and what is.