Vacation Vibes
Your home is a sacred space – after all, there’s no place like it. But we all feel the need to escape every now and then, and there’s a simple way to enjoy the best of both worlds. Through a thoughtful combination of inspiration and decoration, you can transform any room into your absolute dream vacation. Our Well-Traveled Catalog will help you explore a few different options for how to transport yourself and your space.
Desert Destination
There’s something magical about the desert, and you can capture that sense of enchantment with evocative materials, textures, patterns and colors. Channeling the laidback, casual nature of places like Joshua Tree or New Mexico starts with streamlined designs that have a clean and modern look. Layer on an earthy palette of browns mixed with geometric tribal prints plus hits of black and white, and you get a fresh, on-trend desert interior.
Cabin Connection
Is there anything cozier than a cabin? When you’re surrounded by nature both inside and out, it’s hard not to be swept up by the warmth and beauty of the environment. A few things help bring the vibe to life, including smooth, luxurious authentic leather, rich rustic wood touches and animalistic accents. For interest and contrast, industrial details bring out the darker, cooler aspects of the space and create an especially distinctive scene.
Paradise Found
Can you hear that? It’s the sound of a steel drum band beating to the heart of this tropical feast for the eyes. Like a refreshing pina colada, you can practically sip the style and feel the heat of a Hawaiian or Caribbean getaway that beckons you to unplug and unwind. Palm tree prints, plenty of plant action and green galore mix with irresistibly plush seating for a lush, light and airy retreat.
Better Nature
Nothing can take you out of the grind and into a more peaceful state of mind quite like nature. Being outdoors grounds you, and you can incorporate an abundance of organic elements in your space to make it feel more tranquil. Gathering thoughtful, textural, natural materials and sprinkling them throughout gives an extraordinarily earthy quality to your interior, which will help bring the vacation to you.