Kids + Teens

Welcome to Fun
One of the best parts of being a parent is dreaming up the perfect kids' room for your children. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, kids’ room decor ideas present the perfect opportunity to be playful and whimsical. To prepare for back to school season, it’s also important to focus on function with items like bookcases, reading nooks and homework stations that inspire productivity and creativity throughout the year.
Imagine That
The playroom is a special space for your little one to learn, create, play and grow. A child’s room through and through, it’s a destination for them to get crafty and comfy with kid-friendly sofas and seating, decorative boho pillows and colorful area rugs. Their sense of awe and wonder knows no bounds in an area as sweet as this, and they can be surrounded by wall décor and wall art that either inspires them or is made by them.
Hang Time
Choosing bedroom furniture for your teenager can offer a unique look into their blossoming interior design preferences. You also want to make sure you go for pieces that are both purposeful and durable. While kids' furniture is mostly gender neutral, you can skew it towards a girl’s room or boy’s room with different decorating ideas and a specific color scheme. Sports-themed room ideas appeal to either, but pink basketball wall hangings give this space a decidedly feminine twist.
Work Hard, Play Hard
A kids’ bedroom often requires somewhere to study, but there’s no reason why you can’t mix business with pleasure by creating a spot that’s both exciting and inspiring. One of our bestsellers, the spacious desk and comfy office chair pair to make this work zone feel playful, as well. A daybed design that features a headboard/bookshelf hybrid offers enough storage for knickknacks. With a few DIY touches, it’s easy to make a kids’ room design feel personal.
In the Zone
Bedroom ideas that blend your kids’ favorite hobbies with a destination for their studies help make the space as functional as possible. This boy’s bedroom blurs the line between sleeping space, hangout and living room with items that make it multipurpose. A gaming desk and flat-screen TV are a gamer’s dream, but this environment is also perfectly set up for hitting the books.
Media Outlet
With a totally techie minimalist mini man cave, your teenager can partake in all kinds of media. From a gaming desk with all the bells and whistles – including custom color sequences – to a gaming chair offering numerous comfort features, you can count on the fact that he’ll never want to leave. Bright colors really bring this space to life, while streamlined design ideas implement a more grown-up look.
Paradise Found
As far as kids’ bedroom ideas go, you can be inspired by anything. This beachy boho space is delivering serious surf’s up vibes with natural materials and a sunset color palette that incorporates muted pastels. While the bed frame has a more traditional look, the accessories chill things down a bit with their easy, breezy appeal. Chunky knit linens and subtle geometric textiles, plus a bold woven pendant light, equal a very worthy girls’ bedroom.
Sunny Side Up
A child’s bedroom is a transitional space that evolves as they change and grow, but the foundational furniture can stay the same as long as it's versatile, durable and functional. Drawers in the bed, which were most likely used for toy storage back in the day, can now tuck away books and extra sheets. This very handy feature is perfect for maximizing floor space that often comes at a premium in kids’ rooms. Home décor items like pillows, blankets and rugs help pull everything together into one cohesive look.
Into the Woods
When a bedroom design includes a whimsical accent wall, magic is bound to happen. Whether you decide to use wallpaper, wall decals or any type of wall décor, you can create an enchanting space that surrounds your child with visions that spark their imagination. Choosing kids’ beds is another crucial step, and there are plenty of options out there. If storage is a priority, then a captain’s bed with drawers and bookshelves may be the perfect pick.
Over the Moon
One way to guarantee that both you and your kids are happy with their space is to put equal emphasis on fun and function. While you get to dictate your whole home design, this is their time to shine. Perhaps you can choose between full and twin beds – whatever fits best – and they get to decide on what theme will reign supreme. As long as there are elements that meet your needs and their wants, you can’t go wrong.
Sky's the Limit
Bunk beds and loft beds are the ultimate kids’ design, especially when they graduate from little one to big boy or girl on campus. We have an array of designs, including options that incorporate desks, shelves and drawers, plus alternatives with extra beds or even a trundle for seamless sleepovers. Through wall décor and accessories, you can embrace their thirst for exploration and create a dreamy starry escape that thrills and inspires.
The Magic Touch
Kids should live in a world of color and wonder. Yes, neutral color can exist all throughout the rest of your home, but their room can be unique and vibrant...just like them. Accessories are a chance to go bold and wild with splashy hues, funky shapes and exciting patterns that bring personality and individuality to their space. From poufs and pillows, to rugs, lamps and clocks, the decorating possibilities are plenty.