Modern Industrial

The Modern Industrial Way
Trends come and go, but some looks have the power to stick around for good. Modern industrial is an interior design darling that has taken the best of industrial style and added a modern design sensibility that keeps it feeling fresh yet timeless. When you think of a typical industrial home, you probably picture a New York loft with exposed brick walls or concrete walls, high ceilings featuring all manner of pipes, Edison light bulbs and steampunk accessories, but you can capture the industrial look anywhere.
Material Matters
When it comes to industrial design and industrial décor, mixed materials are important industrial elements. The compelling combination of metal and wood comes to mind, and you’ll find the two paired together on the side tables that flank the bed. Solid and sturdy, not only do they form an industrial interior design power couple, they offer a textural contrast. Caged ceiling lights add even more character.
Captains of Industry
Your home office is the perfect space to implement the use of industrial furniture, especially with the emphasis on functionality. Like many industrial spaces, it has a purposeful yet comfortable look. There’s even a minimalist Scandinavian undertone that adds a hint of ease and simplicity. The color palette is warm and inviting, and the pieces are designed to inspire productivity.
Hard at Work
Whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom or office, industrial embellishments will work hard to deliver a message of diligence and thoughtfulness. In this type of home design, purpose and function not only serve to benefit the user, they’re often a central part of the piece’s structure. With all of these hard materials and textures, it’s important to add home décor that brings in soft touches, from pillows to throws.