The New Reclining Revolution
Thinking of recliners used to conjure images of grandpa’s completely raggedy and impossibly bulky chair, where he and he alone got to lounge and sometimes nap. Things have changed since then, and recliners are cooler and sexier than ever. Some are so stylish, in fact, that you can’t tell whether they’re actually recliners. From sofas to chairs, we have a new reclining crew that brings on the comfort and sophistication that you demand and deserve.
The Hot Seat
One of the designs that has revolutionized reclining is the chair recliner. Like your standard seat, it stands on four legs, giving it the height and look of chair. The reclining mechanisms are also sleek or completely hidden, so you simply push back, press a button or grab a lever to experience the relaxation of a reclining position. With these pieces, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds – a stylish chair and a comfortable recliner.
Up a Notch
The only thing better than a solo recliner is a sofa that allows multiple people to recline and enjoy at the same time. Just like our chic reclining chairs, we offer modern reclining sofas that deliver space, support and a streamlined look. Guests will be pleasantly surprised when they discover that your handsome sofa also reclines, and in some cases, offers USB ports to ensure your devices can charge up while you wind down.
Blend Right In
Whereas recliners stuck out like sore thumbs back in the big and bulky days, we’ve come to a glorious age when they can easily blend with our other furniture and décor to create a room we truly love. Sacrificing style for comfort is a thing of the past with the reclining designs we get to bring home now. Our revolutionary recliners are as irresistible as they are durable and versatile, and you’ll discover that they feel as good as they look.