Modern Gothic

Come to the Dark Side
Over the past few years, the prevalence of modern gothic style has grown and the appreciation for all things dark, dramatic and moody has led to interior design and home décor trends that favor rich colors and luxurious textures. Gothic style and gothic décor entail more than just black walls and macabre oddities though. It’s a whole vibe that we will help you capture.
Embrace the Glam
Through tapestries, textiles, light fixtures and upholstery, gothic interior design comes to life and exposes its glam tendencies. Heavy velvets, jewel tones and metallics all have a gothic feel when mixed with a moody color palette. In the living room, a traditional area rug, sculptural coffee table and luxe lamps impart a gothic aesthetic.
A Collegiate Take
Another branch of gothic design and gothic home décor, dark academia has gained popularity among the TikTok generation for paying homage to a preppy university lifestyle that’s steeped in history and shrouded in mystery. Hints of Victorian-era charm and gothic architecture give English inspiration to this movement, which is also partially informed by a Hogwarts meets Harvard theme.
Give it Gravitas
It’s all too easy to associate dark academia with goth and Halloween, but its roots go deeper than that. Victorian gothic design elements abound through gilded room décor and wall decor that portrays a gothic look. Candle holders with tall tapers and the profuse use of dark colors also elevate the gothic bedroom with subtly chilling undertones.
Be Frightfully Fancy
The kind of morbid elegance that underscores gothic home décor makes for a compelling form of home design that subverts the typical penchant for light, bright and airy interiors. The opposite of minimalist modern design, modern gothic takes things in a maximalist direction, piling on layers of room décor to create a setting that feels storied and darkly enchanting.
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