Date Night at Home

Love is in The Air
Most of us feel like we have to leave our homes to partake in a romantic experience, but if you play your cards right – meaning create the ultimate cozy setting for two – you can enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company in the privacy and comfort of your very own space. With the proper furniture and décor, we promise you’ll be able to achieve an interior that inspires intimacy.
Set the Mood
With a palette of wonderfully warm colors and an atmosphere of totally touchable textures, you can conjure up a space that satisfies all of your senses. To feel the depths of your desire and ignite your passion for your partner, make sure that there are plenty of reminders of what brought you together. Displaying pieces that speak to your history will help spark the many special memories that you share.
The Snuggle is Real
Although the bedroom may be the most obvious place to be with your bae, couples can really strengthen their bond in the living room. Nothing is better than cuddling together on the sofa and watching a show or movie you are both fond of. It’s those unassuming, unexpected moments in front of the TV that bring us closer. After all, Netflix and chill became a phenomenon for a reason. Add champagne and a charcuterie board, and you’re in for an evening of love.
Relationship Goals
It’s the couples who can have fun doing nothing and everything together that are truly meant to be, and planning a date night at home is just one way you can each show you care. To make it special, the right playlist can work wonders, as well as having a few games on hand to get that playful competitive spirit going.