Guest Rooms

Be Our Guest
Part of the joy of having your own home is being able to share it with others, and guest rooms allow you to welcome family and friends into a special part of your life. Whether it’s a multifunctional setting that must transform from day to evening, or a dedicated space that remains dressed and ready for anybody, your guest room is your opportunity to showcase your hospitality.
Suite Escape
When visitors come to stay with you, you have the power to make their experience feel like a vacation. By setting up a space that’s not only comfortable but beautiful, you can create an unforgettable getaway. With soothing neutral colors, thriving natural textures and touches of greenery that bring the outside in, it’s easy to conjure up a room that inspires complete relaxation.
Seamless Transition
If your space must undergo a transformation to become a guest room, one of the most effective multipurpose designs you can use to your advantage is a daybed. When the sun is out, this piece serves as a sofa of sorts, inviting anyone to enjoy hours of carefree lounging. By the time evening rolls around, you can set it up for sleep and create a warm and cozy spot for tired travelers to rest.
Slumber Party
When you simply don’t have the space for a full guest room situation, you can set up a chic sleeping spot in plain sight with this unassuming daybed. With its bench-like shape, the design is channeling chaise lounge vibes, which means you can place it anywhere you need seating. Store extra pillows, sheets and blankets nearby, and visitors will have a welcoming retreat in no time.