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Certificate of insurance

A certificate or proof of insurance from our delivery team may be provided so long as it is requested at least 5 days prior to your delivery date (10 days for deliveries outside our local market). Please obtain your specific requirements needed by your building's insurer. The certificate will be emailed to you prior to your delivery date. Please ensure the certificate meets your building's requirements prior to delivery to ensure the delivery team is granted access to your property.

How it works:

  1. Schedule your delivery a minimum of 5 days out (10 days for deliveries outside of our local market)
  2. Obtain your building’s requirements from your property management, HOA or building supervisor

    Requirements must include:
    • Minimum required amounts for the following: General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Comprehensive Auto Liability, Umbrella coverage
    • Certificate holder name and address
    • Any additionally insured requirements

    To ensure there are no delays, we highly recommend that you attach a copy of your building’s requirements to your request. Acceptable file types: Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG up to 40 MB
  3. Provide us with your sales order number and building requirements no later than 5 days prior to your scheduled delivery (10 days prior outside our local market)
  4. Certificate of insurance will be emailed to you prior to our delivery team’s arrival
  5. Ensure the certificate meets your building's requirements prior to delivery

It is your responsibility to know if your property management requires a certificate of insurance for our drivers to gain access to the property to complete the delivery.

To avoid insufficient requirements in your request, always provide or attach the building’s specific requirements in your request. Insufficient requirements will delay processing your request.

Requests submitted less than 5 days prior to scheduled delivery will require rescheduling your delivery date.

If our drivers are not allowed access to successfully complete the delivery, you will be charged a cancellation or redelivery fee.

Examples of building requirements:

  • 1. $1 Million General Liability 2. $1 Million Workers Comp 3. Please add the following phrase to the description of operations box: Association name, and Property Management name as additional insured 4. Certificate Holder Box should state: Association name and Property Management name and address.
  • A Certificate of Insurance from the delivery company listing the Association and the Unit Owner, as additional insured, must be submitted prior to the date of the delivery. The Association requires General Liability coverage in the minimum amount of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00), Comprehensive Auto Liability insurance in the minimum amount of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) combined single limit and Workers Compensation Insurance as required by State Law. This coverage must be endorsed to be Primary and not Contributory to the Association’s policies. Additionally, the delivery company should provide evidence of Employee Dishonesty Bond coverage.