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How to Customize a Special Order Item Online

Dozens of stylish designs are eligible for customization at no additional charge. Through the convenient online tool, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and prints from the comfort of your own home.

Find Special Order Eligible Products

Every special orderable product has a bright, colorful icon to show that custom options are available. If you’re looking for an easier way to distinguish the items in the special order program, simply visit our “Make It Yours” page.

special order color swatches

Using the Product Configuration Tool

Once you are on the product page of the item you wish to purchase, you'll see a colorful swatch icon with the words "Customize this item at no extra cost" next to it. Click the icon—which is located directly under the "Add to Cart."

1. Customize by Color

Choose a color for the body of the product. All of the available colors for an item will be displayed to the right under 'Filter by Color.'

special order original upholstery This sofa is shown in its original upholstery, before customization.
special order body color The same sofa, after a body color is selected in the customization tool.
If the item comes with pillows, you will also see an option for customizing the pillows by color. If the item comes with pillows of different sizes, you will have the option to customize each pillow size separately.
special order vibe mellow The small pillow is shown in the selected color 'Vibe Mellow.'
special order medium pillows Along with the body and small pillow, the two medium toss pillows are now displayed in a custom shade.

2. Zoom in on the Upholstery

To get a close-up view of the fabric, switch between three zoom levels, located above the product. You can also click anywhere on the product for an instant '4x' close-up.

special order 2x zoom A close-up view of the sofa's custom upholstery using the '2x' zoom feature.
special order 4x zoom A close-up view of the sofa's upholstery using the '4x' zoom feature.

3. Rotate 360°

To see the item from every angle, click anywhere on the item and drag to rotate.

4. Expanded View

To see your customized design in full-screen HD, click on the arrows located in the upper right corner of the product display box.

5. Reset View

If you want to completely reset the design to its original upholstery, click 'Reset All,' located above the color options.

special order reset view After clicking 'Reset All,' the sofa is now shown in its original upholstery.

Finalizing Your Custom Design

Once you've decided you can't live without your customized design, you can add the item to your cart by clicking the orange "Add to Cart" button on the right side of the tool. From there, you'll proceed to check out and complete the transaction as you normally would.

Once the item/items have been approved, the manufacturer will begin production. This process takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Once your order arrives in the distribution center, we will contact you to schedule delivery or pick up.

Note: Special Orders are not eligible for returns once received in a customer's home. Any Special Orders canceled prior to delivery are subject to a 25% fee.

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