Self Care

Self Sanctuary
The concept of self-care has blown up over the past few years and become one of those ideas that’s sometimes easier to preach than practice. Well, we’re here to change that by offering inspiration for how to restore, refresh and rejuvenate at home. Think of your space as your sanctuary where you can escape stress and embrace balance.
Solo Spots
One of the main tenets of the self-care movement is taking all the alone time you need to reconnect and reflect on your true needs, wants and desires. Of course, you should have a private, secluded place to do that and there are many ways to carve out the space. Whether it be a cozy chair, sturdy bench or inviting daybed, these designs allow you to unwind.
What Moves You
From yoga and meditation, to stretching and breathing exercises, you can engage in many self-care practices from the comfort of home. Surround yourself with colors, textures and accents that relax and relieve you and create an oasis that inspires peace and possibility. Touches of nature also go a long way in bringing the tranquility of the outside in. Think rattan, wicker, cane, bamboo, wood...and don’t forget the plants!
Clean + Serene
Clean reigns supreme when it comes to conjuring the most calming environment for self-care. After all, you can’t achieve inner peace in a cluttered, chaotic space. That’s why storage is of the utmost importance. Not only do the right designs keep you organized, they set the tone for a harmonious home. Tuck away all of the unsightly essentials and display only what brings you joy.
The Little Things
To complete your retreat, you can decorate with special final embellishments that add comfort, function, style or all of the above. Although they may not play a starring role in your space, these pieces form an important ensemble that adds to the overall aura. This supporting cast can include a meditation cushion, baskets for books or magazines, and pillows with plenty of mood-elevating power.