To create a space that reflects your taste, it’s important to discover the style of interior, furniture and décor you’re drawn to. Take a look at these 8 options for inspiration.


Clean | Sleek | Simple | Minimal
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You prefer a light, streamlined space that is open, airy and clutter-free. Neutral colors, smooth finishes and geometric patterns are your comfort zone.


Retro | Tailored | Form + Function |Graphic
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You love buildings and furnishings from the 50s and 60s and embrace bold shapes, clean lines and innovative designs that have become iconic.


Factory | Mixed Media | Architectural |Salvaged
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You’re a fan of raw, reclaimed materials – think wood, metal, concrete – and you're captivated by exposed structural details like bricks and pipes. The more your home looks like a refurbished warehouse, the better.


Farmhouse | Humble | Natural | Cozy
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You believe in the beauty of basics and enjoy collecting pieces that have a story behind them. You want a home that looks and feels warm, hospitable and textural.


Eclectic | Global | Colorful | Whimsical
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Your ideal interior defies convention and pretension. You take a mix-and-match maximalist approach to decorating and you embrace all things worldly, bold and well-traveled.


Beachy |Tranquil | Refreshing | Organic
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You worship the sand, sea and sun and love everything that involves being around or in water. A blue and white palette, nautical details, wicker, rope and driftwood are your happy place.


Classic | Elegant | Formal | Refined
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You are fond of graceful, dignified designs that have stood the test of time. Antiques are the holy grail for you, and you’ve never met a floral rug, wingback chair or tufted ottoman you didn’t love.


Elegant | Dazzling | Captivating | Sophisticated
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Nothing makes you happier than a dash of shimmer + shine! Your style can best be described as ‘modern chic’ infused with Old Hollywood elegance.

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