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The 5 Best Rugs for Dog Owners

As a dog-owner, you know: they don't judge, they're always by your side, and they just want to love you. Coincidentally, all of that also describes a really good rug. And a really good dog-loving rug is what we've laid out below — plus four.

Get to know the top five best designs for dogs, cats and other pets. With each passing the durability, material, skid-resistance, feel and cleanability tests of LS staff expert Brynna Evans, we're sure your tail-wagging best friend will finally have found his toughest rug match yet.


1. Wool Sisal Grid Mushroom

Best Features: - plush without being high pile - durable home decor for pet owners - soft rug made with natural fibers

Size: 96"W x 120"D x 0.2"H

Why It Passes the Test: "Wool is an all-star choice for dog owners. It's naturally resilient and warm, two factors you want to consider when buying a rug with a dog in mind."- Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Great neutral color and a good density. You don’t need a rug pad. We have 2 kids and 2 dogs and so far, so good. Love the color." -Suzanne S

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Best Indoor Rug for Dogs

2. Cosmic Grey/Blue

Best Features: - low pile makes it easy to clean and maintain - made with durable rug materials - fiber and polypropylene rug

Size: 98"W x 120"D x 0.4"H

Why It Passes the Test: "Go for strategy here. The Cosmic is affordable and withstands wear and tear. It also has a pattern that does a nice job of hiding shedding hair + loose dirt." - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Bought this for our living room. Looks durable material. " -P Pandya

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Easy to Clean

3. Ezra Natural Wide Stripe

Best Features: - synthetic - pet stains are easy to get rid of

Size: 96"W x 120"D x 0.2"H

Why It Passes the Test: "This is considered high-traffic, which means its great for your four-legged bundle of energy who can't every seem to sit still."- Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Love the look and feel of this rug. My dog vomited on it one day after I purchased it... I was able to rinse it all away, with no residue or odor." - Leelee1

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Most Durable Pet-Friendly Rug

4. Ryker Natural

Best Features: - stain resistant and low maintenance - machine-woven from olefin (polypropylene) - pet-friendly rug that can be used outdoors and indoors

Size: 94"W x 130"D x 0.16"H

Why It Passes the Test: "The durable, moisture-resistant material makes it naturally more hygienic to keep with dogs around. Bathroom accidents won't sink into the fibers as deeply as other rug types."- Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "This rug anchors a high traffic area like my kitchen." - Carla

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5. Rug Pad-Sure Hold

Best Features: - works with low pile rugs - easy cleanup and maintenance

Size: 103"W x 140"D

Why It Passes the Test: "For the pets who jump and run at the doorbell, this slip-resistant pad is a must. The traction alone to save your BFF from a tumble makes the pad worth every penny." - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Good quality rug pad, helps to keep my rug in place and protect my floor." - RealtybyAshley

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Best Pet Rugs Made with Synthetic Fibers

The Right Rugs for Pet Owners

What type of rug is best when you have a dog?

When selecting a rug for a home with a dog, it's essential to choose one that can withstand the unique challenges posed by pets. Here are some characteristics to look for:
  • Durability: Choose a rug made from durable materials like wool, synthetic fibers, or polypropylene to withstand wear and tear from your dog's activity. Stain
  • Resistance: Opt for a rug treated with stain-resistant coatings or made from materials that naturally repel stains.
  • Easy to Clean: Select a rug with a low pile or flatweave construction for easier vacuuming and spot cleaning. Machine-washable options can be convenient.
  • Pet-Friendly Design: Avoid intricate patterns and delicate textures that may show wear quickly. Choose designs that can camouflage dirt and pet hair.
  • Non-Slip Backing: Ensure the rug has a non-slip backing or use a rug pad underneath for safety and to prevent accidents.

What are the best rugs with pets at home?

When selecting rugs for homes with pets, consider factors like durability, stain resistance, and ease of cleaning. Some popular options include:
  • Indoor/outdoor rugs: Made from materials like polypropylene, these rugs are durable and easy to clean, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and homes with pets.
  • Synthetic fiber rugs: Rugs made from materials like nylon or polyester are often stain-resistant and durable, making them a practical choice for pet owners.
  • Wool rugs: While not as stain-resistant as synthetic fibers, wool rugs are durable and can be treated with stain-resistant coatings. They also tend to hide dirt and pet hair well.
  • Flatweave rugs: These rugs have a low pile and are less likely to trap pet hair or show wear from pet claws. They're also easier to clean than rugs with a high pile.

Durable Area Rugs Made With Synthetic Materials

Machine Washable Low Pile Rugs for Your Furry Friends

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