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Best Couches for Dogs

1. High Performance Fabric

Living with dogs, a sofa made with high performance fabric can feel heaven-sent. Thanks to stain-resistant technology that works hard to prevent dirt and “accidents” from setting in, the high performance fabric sofa is a must-have for both dog- and cat-owners alike.

2. Tight Weave

When it comes to dog-friendly sofas, ‘high performance fabric’ wouldn’t mean much if the weave type of the fabric was loose, easy-to-snag and catch on claws and paws. Before investing in a sofa, make sure it has a tight weave.

3. Metal Legs

Dogs – and puppies in particular – like to chew, and they’ll chew on anything they can get their choppers on! Ensure your sofa gets to live out its lifespan without bearing the unsightly marks of teething by chew-proofing it: when possible, trade wood legs, arms and other design elements for metal – the ultimate ‘chew repellant.’

4. Genuine Leater

When it comes to real leather sofas, we’re big fans of the buttery-soft texture and rich colors they’re associated with – but in our eyes their winning characteristic has got to be their durability. The thick texture and natural coating means they can stand up to Max jumping onto and down from the seat cushions, so you can cuddle up with your favorite furry friend worry-free.

Weather-Resistant Sofas

When it comes to human furniture that’s also intensely pet-friendly, outdoor furniture can’t be beat. And if your dog is intensely “paws-on” with your furniture, you may want to even consider an outdoor sofa for indoor use, providing a cozy seat you both can enjoy together, guilt-free. The good news is that outdoor furniture now comes in such “indoor”-looking designs; choose one that transitions well with your interior decor, and get ready to experience “pet-friendly living” like never before!

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