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Furry Trends: The Habits of Pet Owners in 2021

When it comes to our furry friends, there’s almost nothing most people wouldn’t do. . . almost nothing. To find out just where, how and why the line gets drawn, we surveyed 739 people on their habits, allowances and idiosyncracies when it comes to living with a pet. Keep reading to see if you spoil your dog or cat more – or less – than your fellow pet owners!
“What kind of pet do you own?” The debate is settled once and for all: dogs rule (at 54%).
“What kind of fabric is your current sofa made of?” High performance fabric, microfiber and leather are the most popular. Incidentally, these three happen to be among the easiest to clean.
“Do you allow your dog to sit on your sofa or chairs?” 69% of people do allow their furry friends to lounge on the furniture.
“Do you allow your dog to sleep with you in your bed?” This one’s a bit more divided (53% said “no”), but still, a vast chunk of the people have spoken: household pets deserve nothing less than the best sleeping arrangements.

“Do you allow your dog on the dining table or on a dining chair at the table?” If you don’t allow Fido or Rover to eat right along with you, you may want to reevaluate your life choices (but don't worry – that's just according to 8% of people)!

“Do you allow your cat to sit on your sofa or living room chairs?” When it comes to your furniture, cats are harmless, according to 88%. (By Question 3 above, dog owners are less likely to agree on this matter.)
“Do you allow your cat to sleep with you in your bed?” 77% say that it’s okay for a certain whiskered four-legged friend to curl up alongside you. (Responses for the same question for dog owners, Question 4 above, were less enthusiastic.)
“Do you allow your cat on the dining table or on a dining chair at the table?” While the vast majority (58%) said “no,” that’s still a lot less ‘no’s’ compared to dog owners!
“If you do not own any pets, would you hypothetically allow your dog or cat on the sofa or chairs?” Pet-less individuals currently don’t have to deal with shedding fur on the furniture – and from the looks of it, they would, even hypothetically, like to keep it that way.
“If you do not own any pets, would you hypothetically allow your dog or cat to sleep in your bed?” Okay, 70% – we hear you. (You don’t have to yell!)
“Where does your pet sleep?” To crunch the numbers: ‘In my own bed with me’ (42%), ‘In its own bed’ (34%), ‘On the floor’ (9%), ‘Other’ (7%), ‘In a crate’ (7%) and ‘Outside my house’ (1%).
“Do you eat your meals at the dinner table with your pet?” Only 11% agree that a little company at dinner never hurt anyone.
“When shopping, how likely are you to seek out pet-friendly furniture or furniture with pet-friendly materials?” ‘Very likely’ (46%), ‘Somewhat likely’ (36%), ‘Not likely’ (13%) and ‘Not at all’ (5%). From the previous questions regarding cats and dogs on sofas (the majority saying yes, they do allow their pet on the furniture), these results line up.
“How many instances have their been where your pet damaged your furniture?” ‘A few times’ (43%) rang in as the most agreed-upon answer, followed by ‘Never’ (34%), ‘One’ (15%) and ‘5 times or more’ (8%).
“How many rooms in the house do you allow your pets in?” ‘My pet is allowed to roam free in the house’ (79%), ‘A few rooms’ (18%), ‘One room’ (2%) and ‘My pet stays outside’ (1%). A pampered pet is a happy pet (and the common pet, apparently).
“What are your top pet-related concerns in the house? Check all that apply.” Shed tears over shed fur? You’re not alone. The vast majority say that ‘Fur and hair’ (65%) is a big concern. Other responses include: ‘Tracking outside elements like dirt and mud’ (42%), ‘Odors’ (33%), ‘Damage relating to habits like chewing or clawing the furniture’ (32%), ‘Urinary/defecating habits’ (23%) and ‘Other’ (4%).
“What special area of the house do you have dedicated to your pets? Check all that apply.” Dog naps are to be taken seriously: 67% say they have a dedicated ‘Sleeping area.’ Other responses include: ‘Eating area’ (44%), ‘Entertainment area’ (34%), ‘Outdoor shelter’ (11%) and ‘Other’ (14%).  
“Is product warranty a deciding factor in your purchasing decision?” Whether or not pets are to thank is less obvious, but make of the numbers what you will: 53% say warranty is critical to purchasing.
“Is your pet a consideration when evaluating a warranty policy?” If it wasn’t clear before, it is now: it seems that pets are to thank for warranty purchases, after all!
pets survey question 20
“Do warranty limitations affect whether you let your pets on or near your furniture?” Even with most eyes on warranties, pets come first and foremost: 79% don’t care if their furniture is protected, as long as tail-wagging companions are happy!

Pet Photo Gallery

Along with asking the questions above, we gave the chance for survey participants to share photos of their pets at home. The (very cute) photos came flooding in, to say the least! Use the arrows below to see a few of our favorites.

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