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Bedroom Chair Ideas to Keep You Dreamin’ in Style

Eight bedroom chair ideas to bring out your inner design fanatic.

Bedroom Bliss

If the bedroom is a sanctuary, the bedroom chair is the “altar” of sorts, the “quiet place” you go to curl up with a good book or catch a midday afternoon nap. Before bedtime, it provides the zen you need to wind down and prepare for sleep. In the flood of morning light, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a cup of joe, the daily news – and prepare you for the day ahead.

In all instances, whether morning, afternoon or evening, the bedroom chair, at its best, acts as a style anchor – defining and pulling together the space as a whole.

Since its role is different from that of a bed, a bedroom chair should be placed opposite, or a few feet away from, the bed. The distance between the two helps to define boundaries of function and space.
The further your chair is away from your bed, the easier it will be to separate from it the associations of sleep attached to the bed.

If you primarily use your bedroom chair for napping or winding down, place it no more than a few feet from the bed to blur the lines (psychologically, at least), between where the bed ends and chair begins.

If you prefer to use your bedroom chair for catching up on work or waking up with the morning news, best to place it as far from your bed as space allows.

Bedroom Chairs as Statement Pieces

Some people prefer not to use their bedroom chairs at all – letting them shine simply as statement pieces. (Psst - the papasan chair makes a great statement!)

If you know you won’t be using your bedroom chair much, you can focus all your efforts on how your chair looks rather than how it feels. (But don’t skimp too much on the latter – habits can change, and what’s a statement-only chair now may end up becoming your favorite cuddle-in-with-a-blanket chair down the road!)

Back & Relax

Stripes aren’t just something to be earned. Treat yourself to one of the most calming patterns in design – no toil or labor required.

...never felt so good.

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