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9 Gorgeous Accent Table Décor Ideas

Got the accent table blues? You’ve come to the right place. Step up your style game with these gorgeous accent table décor ideas!

Decor Tip #1: The Accent Table as Coffee Table

Swapping out a coffee table for an accent or end table makes a bold splash on its own, so minimalist tabletop décor is all you need for a hint of definition.

Decor Tip #2: Sparkle + Shine

All eyes will be drawn to accent tables in radiant finishes.

Decor Tip #3: Coastal Vibes

For beachy-chic at its most elegant, opt for a combination of natural textures and bright neutrals, like the white wood combo (pictured above).

Decor Tip #4: Fresh Florals

Brighten up dark metals and sweeten the air with a pale rose (or 12!).

Decor Tip #5: Tea for Two

Display a dainty tea set for a country-cottage flair.

Decor Tip #6: Boho-Chic

Eclectic décor, contemporary silhouettes and a breezy brown finish – this woodsy accent table has it all!

Decor Tip #7: A Novel Idea

Refine your space with literary style – and keep your favorite volumes within reach – with an accent table with shelves.

Decor Tip #8: French Connection

Above, the calming grey shade of paint, exposed brick wall and distressed silver vase all come together to create a rustic-chic ambiance – without overpowering the French-inspired details of the table itself.

Decor Tip #9: The Accent Table as Nightstand

When used in place of a traditional nightstand, an accent table or end table offers a minimalist chic vibe that will save you space. Top it off with a bold reading lamp for practical light – and height – and a miniature succulent for a hint of color.
accent table decor tip 9
Watch: Styling with Accent Tables

Traditionally designed to be placed at the side of a sofa or other large furniture piece, an end table offers chic counter space to display your favorite home decorative items – and is the perfect way to pull together any room.

Types of End Tables

Storage End Tables: Storage end table varieties include end tables with built-in pull-out drawers, shelves and sliding doors.
side table with storage
Nesting Tables: End tables that come in pairs or trios, usually of different heights, nesting tables can be pushed together for a unique layered look – or set on either side of a sofa for ‘symmetry with an edge.’
Round End Tables: End tables with a circular or oval top are the perfect way to balance and soften a room – especially one heavy with lines and angles.
Chairside Tables: Designed to make lounging easy and convenient, chairside tables come in just the right level of height so that you do not have to reach or strain from your chair or recliner.
Antique End Tables: Antique end tables are defined by vintage details, such as claw feet, distressed wood and iron drawer pulls.
Accent End Tables: With a style statement you cannot ignore, accent end tables come in bold designs – and are the perfect way to complete the look of any living room.

Placing an End Table

Although they are traditionally placed on the side(s) of a sofa, many end tables today come with such intriguing and attention-grabbing silhouettes, they are now considered stand-out pieces in their own right.
classic end table
Whether you use it to complement a matching chair or sofa in a classic side-by-side arrangement – or leave it by itself to draw attention to the details of its design – an end table is one of the most versatile, easy-to-move and -style living room furniture pieces.
Once you decide on a design you love, your options for styling it are virtually endless; place it in dull corners or niches that need a little ‘perking up’ – or simply wherever you feel most inspired!

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