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blue + brown bedroom

Blue + Brown Bedroom Ideas

Cool, refreshing blue combined with warm, calming brown – it’s the interior design match made in heaven, and we can’t get enough. Check out a few of our favorite blue and brown bedroom ideas below for some instant style inspiration and tips on how to incorporate this on-trend color combo into your home.  

1. Farmhouse Fresh

For a soft, 'farmhouse fresh' ambiance, pair the rich color of a natural wood bed with a pale blue bedspread.

farmhouse fresh blue + brown bedroom

2. Rich Espresso

Blue drapes, walls, blankets and pillows add cool charm to the dark espresso finish of the dresser, mirror, bed and nightstand in the bedroom above.

3. Teal We Meet Again

A bold pop of teal gives a tropical air to the warm-and-cozy atmosphere created by dark brown furniture.

4. Sunrise Surprise

Brown + blue + yellow = surprisingly refreshing color harmony.

5. Mid-Century Calm

Blue + brown gets a contemporary makeover when you incorporate chic mid-century modern silhouettes, such as the platform bed and tapered nightstand, above.

6. Coastal Elegance

Seashell décor, ocean wall art and other coastal delights come alive in shades of bright sea-blue.

7. Dream in Color

Shades of blue – from deep navy to playful blueberry – stand out against a brown and white color scheme.

8. High Contrast

Wall art, pillows and throws are an effortless way to incorporate pops of blue.

9. En Vogue

A brown dresser, blue walls and gold décor embrace a trendy minimalist chic mindset.

10. Summer Haven

Crisp blue and white wall art will give your space the carefree feel of summer – no matter the season.

11. Distress and Glow

For more of a ‘sophisticated elegance,’ opt for toned-down shades and distressed finishes.

glow blue + brown bedroom

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