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Small Living Room Ideas With TV

These small living room ideas with TV will help solve all your media-viewing layout jams.
1. Accent Chest TV Stand
There is nothing wrong with the simple accent-chest-turned-TV-stand. In fact, the functionality is a gift that keeps on giving. According to designer Pamela Oleson, “if a design you love fits the TV size and can hold the TV, but is not necessarily a TV stand, don’t let that hold you back. Console table designs add a beautiful and unique look, and actually create more of a focal point, in my opinion, than any traditional stand.”
2. Fireplace TV Stand With Floating Screen
“This fireplace-screen TV stand is awesome, and totally worth considering for a small family room. Over flickering flames and a cozy heat source, a floating TV finds the perfect home. The wall-mounting also saves space, so that the surface of the console below it can be used for decorative items.” - Pamela Oleson, Interior Designer
3. Bookshelf Piers
This brown pier set goes with a warm living room color palette. Showcase a flat screen TV screensaver (like how the TV here has one - we at Living Spaces always love any way you can incorporate art into your furniture). For the living area, a natural wood coffee table matches the bookshelves and TV stand unit for a complete feel.

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4. Entertainment Center
In living room design, a classic entertainment center frames the TV. It’s also the one type of living room furniture that maximizes almost every square inch of itself. From built-in drawers, to home decor cubbies, to open shelving, each aspect makes a small room feel put-together.

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How do you arrange a small living room with a TV?

One effective approach is to wall-mount the TV to save floor space and create a streamlined look. Selecting multi-functional furniture, such as an ottoman with storage or a coffee table that doubles as a desk, can also help optimize the use of limited space. Adding floating shelves around the TV offers extra storage without encroaching on the floor area and arranging seating to guarantee that everyone has a good view of the TV is crucial.

Where do you put a TV in a small living room with fireplace?

Mounting the TV above a low fireplace can save space and create a focal point in the room. Alternatively, positioning the TV on an adjacent wall allows enjoyment of both the TV and the fireplace from various viewpoints. Another flexible option is a swivel mount, which permits viewing from various parts of the room, offering more choices in furniture arrangement.

How do you hide a TV in a small living room?

Concealing the TV within a cabinet or armoire with doors that close when the TV is off provides a practical and stylish solution. Sliding panels or barn doors over the TV can be both decorative and functional, revealing or hiding the screen as needed. For a versatile and decorative option, a stylish room divider or screen can effectively conceal the TV while adding to the room’s decor. 

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