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City Style: Create a New York-Inspired Space

Need to reinvent your space? Get inspired by New York style.

The City That Never Sleeps

When it comes to interiors, no city is more influential than New York. From powerhouse designers to A-list architects, NYC is the place to look to for a wealth of design inspiration. And while the style forecast from NYC trendsetters is ever-evolving, always looking to the ‘next big thing,’ there are a few hallmarks that have remained tried-and-true constants through the decades – and have come to be synonymous with the ‘New York style.’

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Art Deco

Throw a nod to modern NYC culture-and-arts scene with a chic home art gallery; arrange contemporary pieces onto sleek, well-defined walls to create a classy feel. To up the levels of NYC sophistication, be sure to leave some open floor space for cocktail-hour socializing!

A Taste for Elegance

Unlike the more casual trends of West Coast style, NYC designs tend to show a steadfast love for traditional elegance. Roll arms, button tufting and rich finishes are some of the common details embraced by New Yorkers.

Cool and Coordinated

Another characteristic that keeps showing up in the world of NYC design is a penchant for coordination. A tendency towards refinement via matching colors and simple patterns define the aesthetic.
New York City may be world-famous for its celebrity designers and architects, but that doesn’t mean you have to tour the hub of studios and galleries every time you need a dose of design inspiration. From the sights and sounds of Broadway to Times Square to the Empire State Building, there’s inspiration to be found in every corner of New York – and the ways in which you can incorporate it into your home are just about endless.
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Incorporate the excitement of the City That Never Sleeps into your space with industrial designs, sophisticated home decor, cityscape wall art and more; visit a Living Spaces showroom near you to get started!

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New York Style

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