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19 Home Office Ideas That Will Make You Rethink Your Workspace

Your workspace can be full of style, but your style doesn’t have to be full of work. Get inspired by these design trends – from industrial details to outdoor scenery – for a functional, chic and totally refreshed home office.

1. Industrial Style Bookcases

If the industrial style was meant for any room, it’s the home office. No-nonsense materials, functional designs and an open-concept floor plan create a relaxed yet focused environment ideal for every type of work or study project – from solitary research to collaborative presentations. Not sure where to start? Try an industrial-style distressed metal bookcase; the minimalistic silhouette will make for crisp organization while the weathered finish adds a rustic and effortless charm. 
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2. Space-Saving Silhouettes

Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Look for contemporary designs that maximize function – think drawer, shelf and surface space – while maintaining slender silhouettes. 
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3. Visual Inspiration

Letting your unique style shine through your home office space isn’t just good for aesthetics – it can also help to fuel your creative thinking, and there’s no better way to get that inspirational feeling than with decorative office accents that reflect your personality. To keep the creative flow going without distracting you from the work at hand (or cluttering your workspace), keep the colors bold and the designs clean and minimalistic.
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4. The Architectural Study

You don’t have to be an architect to benefit from the focused designs of architectural furniture; the no-fuss, all-function craftsmanship inspired by the industrial style will help to diminish distractions, keep up productivity and get you ‘back to the drawing board’ – literally!

5. Functional Elegance

Who says a home office has to resemble a home office – or even be in one? The colors, shapes and sizes of home desks and chairs are now virtually unlimited, and so are your options for styling them. A rich wood desk and luxurious faux-leather chair, for example, will not only blend seamlessly in the corner of a traditional-style bedroom – but also bring it to life. Working never felt so elegant!

6. A Statement Lamp

Late-night projects don’t just happen: they take passion, dedication, and a lot of lighting! A necessary fixture in every type of home office, a strong table lamp is also one of the most effortless ways to balance out – or embolden! – a room’s style.
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7. The Open Air Workspace

You don’t have to leave your indoor office to get the rejuvenating benefits of a cool breeze on a warm day – simply position your desk and chair so they face a door or window that opens to a backyard or patio space. To keep your workstation in line with the breezy feel and natural scenery, opt for see-through materials, minimalistic textures and organic colors; an iron table lamp paired with a glass-and-wood desk offers just enough understated boldness to complement an open-air view while keeping you focused on the task at hand.

8. Traditional Leather Chair

Want to lose yourself in your work? You’ll need a chair that’s supportive and comfortable. The stamp of a classic home office, an adjustable chair made of luxury leather is the way to go!

9. A Giant Wall Hutch

In this small home office, a giant hutch transforms an entire wall into hardworking storage.

10. Recreational Lounging

Sometimes, the comfier the home office, the more creative the workflow. Create a space that’s both studious and relaxed; place an executive desk in one corner, and lounge seating in another!

11. Mixed Materials

Whoever designed this modern workspace wasn’t afraid to mix materials – and we’re loving it. Metal, wood, leather, glass – even a crystal figurine – fuse together to create a bedroom office workspace with personality.

12. Floating the Chair-and-Desk

If you have the space for it, ‘float’ your home workstation (i.e., don’t place it up against a wall). The further out you push your desk into the room’s center, the more *important* it will feel!

13. Indoor Trees

Plants, even of the indoor varieties, emit natural detoxifiers to help purify the air. If you need to ‘clear your head,’ do it with nature (no matter your office location)!

14. Warm Colors

Depending on the type of work you’ll be doing, you might want to consider soft, warmer neutrals over bright colors. While the former can help to focus and relax, the latter can help energize and inspire. Think about the purpose you want your workspace to serve, and decorate accordingly!

15. Nook Study

This charming workstation is actually inside of a nook inside of a living room – and it’s the perfect amount of “tucked away.” (We’re also loving the country/Western theme!)


16. Secretary Desk

A vintage secretary desk complete with a drop-down writing surface (like the one pictured above) is for anyone who’s ever wished they could just dive into the pages of Pride and Prejudice and all of its Victorian Romantic decor!

17. Mod Glam

Home office in master bedroom: a dark accent wall, black-and-white furniture and bold abstract art. A dream space for the work-from-home trendsetter.

18. Window Arrangement

Without a doubt, natural light is the most refreshing style accessory. Position your home office furniture under a window, and incorporate light-reflective elements like glass and bright white to truly maximize its brightening potential!

19. Rustic Wood

A warm pine finish is always a classic and adds just the right amount of cozy character to a home study, workspace or home office in a bedroom.

Creating an Office in a House

Unlike corporate headquarters, a house is designed for permanent living, a home base furnished with comfort, lounging and relaxation in mind. Incorporating an office into a house means bridging the gap between furniture and décor that will make you focused and inspired to be productive – and furniture and décor designed for comfort. While you can try incorporating office furniture into a living room or bedroom, matching colors and fabrics that will make work-first furniture blend in with comfort-first furniture, the best solution is to section off an area in the home just for the home office; a separate room or nook will ensure the purpose of that area is focused (and not confused with any other part of the home)!

Spare Room Office Ideas

Turn a spare room into a home office! Incorporate desk, chair, filing cabinet, bookcase and any other pieces essential to a space devoted to workflow; take out any bedroom-only items such as a bed, dresser and nightstand. Draw back the shades to let the natural light flood in, and position the desk and chair in the center of the room for an executive style feel.

Living Room Office Ideas

How to stay sane when you’re suddenly working from home? Your living room will need a little rebranding, starting with a new name; how does ‘living room office’ sound?

1. Place a desk behind a sofa. It’s the space traditionally dedicated for console/sofa tables; but times are changing – and so are your furniture needs. For a home office in a living room, consider clearing the area behind your sofa for an office desk; if you have kids, it’s also a great place to keep an eye on them as they watch TV or play games in front of the sofa. 

2. Get creative with ‘standing room only.’ If you find you’re missing your standing desk back at the corporate office, get creative with what you have at home. Repurpose a kitchen bar, counter-height table or pub table to accommodate your work-from-home essentials (computers, paperwork, etc.). Or, consider an actual standing desk – like the one pictured here!
3. Consider a ‘lift-top table’ for a desk.  Maybe you don’t have the space to place a desk behind a sofa, or maybe you just don’t really feel the need to work at a desk in the first place. Either way, a lift-top table – even a coffee table! – works as a great alternative. Simply pull up a counter-height chair and get to work – as you enjoy all the space you’ve saved!

Working From Home With Kids

When you’re asked to work from home without much preparation – while simultaneously caring for children who are also home when you are – you’re going to need to do a little improvising. Here are a few tips to create an ideal work from home space – when you’ve got kids to care for as well!

  • Use the living room as an office.

When you’ve got kids, space is, to put it mildly, limited. Chances are, you don’t have a home office – and even if you do, what use is it if you can’t keep an eye on the kids while you’re in there?

The easiest approach to staying at home to work when you’re caring for little ones is to move your ‘home office’ to your living room. And while you’re at it, set a defined space – and stick to it. This will train your brain to get used to the idea that this space is for work, and that space is for relaxing. For example, don’t just work from the couch on Monday and kitchen table on Tuesday; instead, try to discipline yourself to working in the exact same spot every single day, just as you would in a regular office.

  • Turn a counter-height table into a standing desk.

Not sure where to ‘set up office?’ Consider the kitchen bar or other counter-height surface – as a standing desk! Ideally, this will allow you to easily maintain supervision of wandering toddlers in your peripheral without distracting yourself from your to-do list.

  • Set routine schedules.

If you know anything about kids, you know that there’s nothing like keeping them cooped up all day to make them feel antsy! For this reason, explaining to them on their level why everyone is suddenly at home will help them to empathize more with the situation. Additionally, creating a schedule for the week for the kids (and you) and sticking to it will give their days some much-needed structure.

More Home Workspace Tips

Your ideal work from home setup is calling!

  • If possible, work in a space without a TV. (If you can’t, or if you must have one playing in the background, resist the temptation to stream your favorite shows!)
  • Hang up a daily calendar. When your to-do list is always in your line of vision, you’re more likely to want to cross things off of it.
  • Communicate with your family members about ‘do not disturb’ signs. Hang them up when you’re on calls! If you’re working from the living room and don’t have the luxury of privacy, communicate with your partner/kids about your schedule. If you’re caring for a baby, set up as many meetings as you can when you know your baby will be napping. Of course, no matter how many precautions you take, kids/babies/toddlers are unpredictable. But when you explain to your supervisors/colleagues the situation you’re in, they will almost certainly understand (and even be prepared for!) those kid-related interruptions that are bound to occur.
  • Don’t forget the file cabinets. It’s amazing what a little bit of organization can do. If your work involves referencing books/notebooks/paperwork, a file cabinet can work wonders to keep the workflow easy.

Looking for Something a Little More Unique?

Here are some office workstation ideas to try.
  • Standing Workstation

Sitting for long periods of time in one position (especially if your chair is not made for it) can lead to decreased circulation, stiff joints and a host of other health issues. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in a fancy standing desk setup, try making your own: using brackets, bolt a computer stand onto a counter-height table; place computer on top, and, voila!

  • Ergonomic Workstation

It's a popular term that encompasses "any workstation designed to be flexible enough to remove the common risks associated with office jobs, both physically (i.e., stiff joints, poor posture) and mentally (i.e. problems with focus and attention span)." As for what this looks like at home? A calm, meditative space – with a comfortable chair!
  • 2 Person Workstation

This can mean one of either two things: a) a single desk that is big enough to fit two chairs, or b) two conjoined desks. Either way, it's a great way to mimic the collaborative environment of a corporate office space.
  • Corner Workstation

Fancy term for a corner desk (pictured above, right). Maximizes table space so you can fit in more work (or decorations, depending on where your priorities are)!
  • Garage Workstation

Turning your garage into a man cave is one thing – but turning it into a home office is another level of sophistication. Recommended only for the ultra-ambitious!
  • Reclining Workstation

We're calling it: this is THE most unusual workstation you will ever come across. Essentially, it's a chair that's attached (bolted) to a desk. With the touch of a button (or lever, perhaps – these designs are so rare, no one really knows!) the entire piece fully reclines. The desk rises up so that even as the person in the chair is lying on his or her back, he or she can still do work!
Watch: Ways to Work From Home

We're Not Done Yet! Here's a Last Batch of Home Office Ideas to Explore and Love

Desk Decor Ideas - Home Office Layout & Home Office Desk Placement

Place on your desk what you naturally reach for during a work sesh: pencils/holders, books or desk organizer.
Here, a simple white desk with gold bookends cues a productive and creative workflow.

Mens' Home Office Ideas | Man Cave Office Ideas

Some men prefer a home office that feels more masucline. If that's your working style, go with leather accessories and natural wood to match. 
A home office can be anywhere, even in a bedroom. If you're working out of a master, curate a corner that reflects a "gentleman's study."

Small Home Office Ideas | Best Home Office Layout

Whether you have a small home office or a "no" office (i.e., a bedroom-turned office, living room-turned office or a home office in a dining room), a comfortable chair will empower your workday, no matter the size of your space.
Comfortable doesn't have to mean expensive or big. Some armless designs with the right backrest and quality faux leather material provide the perfect seating experience.

Luxury Home Office

Upgrades for a luxury home office: velvet seating, chic wallpaper and model home-worthy desk accessories.
The high point of luxury is calmness. Get rid of idle chatter and keep only what you need to breathe and work easy.

Home Study Design Inspiration | Home Office Den Ideas

What's the difference between a home office and a home study? The latter is more refined, with more space to think and unwind.
Maximize the "study" out of a home study by bringing in executive-style desks and rolling chairs to make even the higher-ups jealous of your style.

Home Office Wall Decor 

Why call it working from home when the atmosphere is so fun? Create a "Fun"-from-home space with wall decals and bright wall decor.
Wall shelves with accessories also work as home office wall decor. For the extra minimalist, hold off on wall decor altogether for a zen feel.

Home Office Trends: 3 Designer-Approved Spaces

Trend #1: Biophilic Home Office

We took a look at Google Trends for inspiration in home workspace trends - and one that caught our attention? Biophilic home office, a term that saw a rise in popularity by 10% over the past year! When we brought this to our staff designer Brynna Evans' attention, she happily contributed her sage advice for incorporating the look into one's home, no matter the style. "Biophilic design is all about sustainability, nature and creating a breathable, airy space. It's the perfect element for a home office, where you need to breathe to be able to think and focus. Lean into the concept with desk plants, natural wood, and natural light-filled spaces. Do away with clutter, and away with plastic planters or polyurethane fabrics. Opt for airy linens, industrial metal and other similar materials that aren't over-manufactured."

Trend #2: Napping Nooks

Looking for a home office trend to try this year that, well, doesn't involve actually working from home? Meet the nap nook trend, which had a whopping 56% rise in interest over the past year on Google Trends. Our favorite and always on-the-trend go-to design consultant Brynna, dishes on exactly what this trend is all about. She tells us directly that it's simply about "creating a home office that feels cozy. It's less about work and more about creating a space that lets your mind wander — for many of us, it's easier to do that while lying down!"

Trend #3: Soft, Earthy Colors

One final trend inspiration for home offices this year can be found in the visual color palette. Soft colors in particular, with, as Brynna says, "earthy vibes." On Google Trends, interest for Mushroom Grey Color and Soft Blush Color rose by 13% and 14% respectively over the past twelve months. To really bring it home, the pro designer leaves us with one parting tidbit of advice. "Balance is key. Let your instincts guide you; don't just buy a bunch of blush and grey things to follow the trend. Instead, start with one large piece of furniture in either grey or pink, and build, slowly with soft accent rugs, chair or planter, from there — in the other color."

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