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The Softest Rugs That Feel Luxurious

Super soft, or easy to clean? It used to be that you had to take your pick between the two. Now, thanks to some serious design ingenuity and high-quality blends of natural and synthetic fibers, you don't. Find the softest rug that actually acts as a rug — protects your floors, holds up to wear-and-tear, and so much more — from our official list below.


1. Shag Black

Best Features: - fiber and cotton - high pile

Size: 60"W x 96"D x 2.75"H

Why a Pro Signs Off On It: "With wool, you're paying a little more for higher quality. This cotton-wool blend takes away the brunt of a high price tag — plus combines the naturally organic properties of cotton, another soft-feeling component." - Meis Elnoiemey, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Soft texture and doesn’t shed everywhere. Great accent." - Alyssa C

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2. Tide Pool Aqua

Best Features: - high pile - high-quality fibers and cotton for a durable and long-lasting rug - lots of rug sizes to choose from

Size: 85"W x 126"D x 0.5"H

Why a Pro Signs Off On It: "If you want soft but not high pile, this tighter pile rug will do! This super-soft feel sheds less, too, than hand-crafted silk or wool types."- Meis Elnoiemey, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Cool colors and pattern. Very soft. Thinner than expected." - MSR1

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3. Grey/Blue Marble Swirl

Best Features: - high-quality materials ensure longevity and a comfortable feel underfoot - polypropylene - super soft but still relatively low pile

Size: 63"W x 91"D x 1"H

Why an Expert Signs Off On It: "Polypropylene has an irresistible softness that mimics natural materials like cotton and silk. The imitation, ironically, often feels softer than the real thing — this stylish swirl design is one those instances!"- Meis Elnoiemey, LS Designer

Featured Review: "This rug is gorgeous and is so soft! It’s a lower pile but very high quality and feels great on your feet. Exactly what we were hoping for - the perfect statement piece for our living room!" - Megan In

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4. Beverly Shag Graphite Faded

Best Features: - fiber and polypropylene in a - soft and luxurious high pile for added comfort

Size: 118"W x 154"D x 1"H

Why an Expert Signs Off On It: "The high pile, combined with the luxurious polypropylene fluffiness, really sells itself." - Meis Elnoiemey, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Great material and very soft. The kids like it a lot and it won’t look as dirty because of the color" - Nateee

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5. Wool Yarn Shag Black

Best Features: - woven from dense wool blend to reduce shedding - comfortable as well as practical

Size: 60"W x 96"D x 2.75"H

Why an Expert Signs Off On It: "Puffy and plushy, you'll find your bare feet naturally gliding over it again and again. The thick feel comes from natural wool." - Meis Elnoiemey, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Very nice rug that's nice to the touch and soft enough to sit on. We have it on a 3/4 inch pad on hardwood floors and it's great!" - Thoff13

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6. Gunnar

Best Features: - high-quality natural fiber wool - both durable and stylish - perfect as kids room or bedroom rug

Size: 60"W x 96"D x 0.4"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "The low pile provides a minimalist feel. It's not overbearingly cozy, but the organic, light texture really turns up the comfort level on cold floors." - Meis Elnoiemey, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Amazing rug! Very thick and plush. Worth the money. I have animals and has held up great." - AnnaRee

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Soft Area Rugs for the Playroom

Non-Slip, Made in the USA, + More

What type of rug is the softest?

The softest types of rugs are typically made from materials like wool, silk, or synthetic fibers such as polyester and microfiber. Wool rugs are renowned for their softness and durability, making them a popular choice for high-quality, plush rugs. Silk rugs, while more expensive, offer an unparalleled level of softness and a luxurious feel. Polyester and microfiber rugs, on the other hand, provide an affordable yet incredibly soft option for those seeking comfort on a budget.

What is the most comfortable area rug? 

The most comfortable area rugs combine both softness and cushioning. Shag rugs, with their long, plush fibers, are often considered the most comfortable due to their thick, cushy feel underfoot. Additionally, wool rugs with a high pile offer a great balance of softness and durability, making them a comfortable and long-lasting choice. For an extra layer of comfort, consider adding a rug pad underneath any area rug to enhance its cushioning effect.

How do you make a rug super soft?

To make a rug super soft, follow these steps:
  • Vacuum Regularly: Regular vacuuming can help keep the fibers standing upright and prevent matting, maintaining the rug’s softness.
  • Use a Rug Pad: Placing a high-quality rug pad underneath your rug not only adds extra cushioning but also helps reduce wear and tear, preserving the rug’s softness over time.
  • Shake It Out: Occasionally take your rug outside and give it a good shake to remove dirt and fluff up the fibers.
  • Spot Clean and Deep Clean: Address spills and stains promptly with gentle cleaning solutions. Periodically, give your rug a deep clean following the manufacturer’s care instructions to maintain its softness.
  • Groom the Fibers: For rugs with longer piles, using a carpet rake or brush can help rejuvenate the fibers and keep them feeling soft.

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