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What Is Americana Decor?

Defining Americana decor starts with defining Americana – which is an embracement of American culture, a curation of the feelings and ideas that compromise its landscape.
Americana decor, then, should reflect the country’s overall decorating trends. If farmhouse style is sweeping the nation, for example, then one way to “do” Americana would be to incorporate farmhouse elements within your home decor.

Of course, imitating “whatever’s popular” isn’t the only way to achieve the look. American flags, history books and icons of American culture integrated throughout your home – no matter your decorating style – is an easy way to get in touch with the patriotic side of Americana.

If you’re searching for Americana decor ideas, check out our favorite images of Americana-styled rooms below – and tips on how to get the look!

Americana - Traditional

Key elements: Vintage art; distressed textures This space gets a fresh feel thanks to bright, white vintage accessories.

Tip: Note how it isn’t decked out floor-to-ceiling with red-white-and-blue; stick to one key American-inspired accent piece to prevent Americana from feeling kitchsy.

Americana - Rustic

Key elements: Natural colors; warm, woodsy furniture

Hide rugs, flag art, and a warm, woodsy color palette recall the ranches and farmhouses of the Southwest – an iconic aesthetic in American culture and Americana decor.

Tip: To infuse even more country charm, invoke the sense of smell. Light a candle in wisteria or Southern magnolia – two beautifully aromatic florals native to the South!

Americana - Patriotic

Key elements:
 Red, white & blue; stars and stripes; American flag

Patriotic decor, especially in the warmer months, and especially outdoors, is a festive way to celebrate good weather – and invoke the carefree feelings associated with summer vacation.

 To make your 4th of July decor work even after the 4th, trade plastic streamers for sophisticated, quality decorations – like this vintage cloth flag garland (shown right).

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