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2023 Trends: 8 Predictions From Interior Designers

The new year is coming in at full swing – and with it, an influx of trends. To put a finger on the pulse of the objects, materials, colors and styles we’ll be seeing everywhere in the next 12 months, we spoke to some of the most prolific career designers in the industry. Here are their top takeaways for what to expect in 2022.

1. Warm Neutral Colors

For Lori Dennis, owner of Los Angeles’ top design firm, it’s all about the palette: “We want to connect to nature now more than ever, and we're seeing that expressed in interior design through natural and organic colors, shapes and materials. Spaces that are simple, neutral and no-fuss and most importantly multi-functional all help to ease stress and provide comfort and ease in our homes.” Dennis, who also stars in HGTV’s “Real Designing Women,” acknowledges the importance of material in 2022, emphasizing that “wood is definitely back to add warmth and depth to any room – especially those that have been mostly white and grey for the past five years."

2. The Great Outdoors

Nature and individuality form the heart of California-based firm Sarah Barnard Design, so it’s no surprise that in our conversations with founder and leading designer Sarah Barnard, the topic turned to an al fresco-oriented view of 2022. Barnard states that “focusing on the outdoors will be a leading trend for 2022. For metropolitan locations without natural views, bringing in materials or fabrics that directly reference nature may have a calming effect and help bring the outdoors in. After making a series of bespoke, nature-inspired designs for our clients, from bird fabric to butterfly rugs and coral-inspired lighting, we started sharing these items online."

3. Green Plants

Youtube personality and award-winning designer Lisa Holt knows a thing or two about design. With over 30 years of experience under her belt, her portfolio includes luxury, commercial, residential and hospitality – with a focus on practical application. In her signature accessible style, she describes 2022 as focused on plants (and houseplants): “Not only will they breathe life into your space (literally), they’re a great way to add a splash of the VERY on-trend green color.”

4. Antique Finds

While Los Angeles-based designer Irene Lovett is known for her fresh, joyful touch, she’s not one to shy away from the old – and she’s noticing clients starting to follow suit for 2022. “Going into the new year,” Lovett explains, “the design industry will still be coping with the delays in supply. Maintaining patience with long lead times was the topic of 2020. Consumers will be sourcing more vintage and antique to forgo the extended wait.” What this means for the new year? “Designers have been implementing vintage and antiques for decades, but the younger generation will look at these sources as options with new eyes."

5. Curved Lines

Award-winning designer and entrepreneur Laura Umansky founded the Laura U Design Collective and the Laura U Design Studio to work with interiors across the United States – including residential spaces. With more than a decade of projects ranging from small-scale remodels to entire home renovations, Umansky reveals that the one undeniable trend for 2022 is “softer, organic, curvilinear details in architecture, which have inspired timeless and elegant furnishings in our interiors. The past couple of years have us appreciating softer, sinuous, and serpentine lines that lend a feeling of freedom to our homes.”

6. Comfort-Focused

Portland-based designer Alissa Pulcrano’s firm, Bright Designlab, has it all in the name: her award-winning team harnesses the power of interior design to effect positive change into clients’ lives. While Pulcrano’s signature touch can be seen in bright, unique details, her work somehow remains comfortable and familiar – two motifs she predicts will trend for 2022. In her own words: “Since we are all home more (and like it!) the need to feel comfortable in one's space is more important than ever.”

7. Individual Expression

Josh Young, artist, designer and graduate of Italy’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, has built a name in interiors renowned for pairing Old World designs with modern influences. Through his unique lens, he is seeing a trend towards individualism. On the topic of 2022, he expounds that “homes are feeling more collected and curated. They feel layered and incorporate a juxtaposition of old and new, modern and traditional, and in turn, our spaces feel less like a showroom and more like our own home. After being indoors during the pandemic, I think individuals want their homes to feel like a true expression of themselves."

8. Plaster, Sustainability, & Checkers

A graduate of the Interior Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and an alumna of several design and architecture studios in London, Istanbul and New York, Merve Kahraman has, quite literally, seen it all. In our conversation with her on how, based on the global reach of her work and clients, 2022 looks for décor trends, Kahraman emphasizes three simple codes to live by for the coming months: "plaster walls, sustainable materials and more checkers!”

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