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How to Find Your Most Comfortable Recliner

Here is everything you need to know about your most comfortable recliner – and how to find it.

1. Measure Your Recliner Lounging Space.

Before you decide on a recliner, make sure to take down the dimensions of the area of the room where you plan to place it. While shopping, take into account the size of your favorite recliner (at full extension), and make sure your space can accommodate it!

comfortable recliners lounging space

2. Choose the Type of Recliner Base.

Recliners don’t just recline – they can also lift, swivel and even glide, all thanks to specially designed bases. Choose a recliner base that best suits your fancy, but remember, too, that you don’t have to lift, swivel or glide; if you would rather simply recline – and stay put – then stick with a traditional base.

3. Look for a Recliner with an Adjustable Headrest.

Adjustable headrests are the ‘cherry on top’ feature that turns an ordinary recliner into a custom luxury experience. With endless options for neck positioning, you can recline to your heart’s desire while still getting the orthopedic support you need.

4. Consider a Recliner with Smart Features.

Have you heard? For a most convenient, all-in-one lounging experience, recliners now come with high-tech smart features, including USB ports, power lift remote controls and light-up cupholders.

5. Test out Your Favorite Designs and Features in the Store.

Finding the most comfortable recliner chair for you comes down to how it feels to you, so head over the store to try it out for yourself! Sit back and relax on as many pieces of reclining furniture as you can, and don’t be afraid to take a mini-nap (if you are so inclined!).

comfortable recliner favorite designs

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