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7 High-Tech Features You Want in Your Smart Furniture

As our daily necessities get smarter, it should come as no surprise that furniture is advancing too. The pieces you bring home are meant to be functional and comfortable above all, and the addition of smart features will only make life easier. From sectionals, sofas and chairs, to bedroom nightstands, headboards and chests, the list of designs with high-tech upgrades goes on, and you don’t want to miss out. Here are 7 smart furniture features you want in your home now.

USB Ports

Admit it: You’re permanently attached to your smart devices. It’s ok - we all are! That’s why we need charging stations in convenient locations. And what could be more convenient than that chair you’re sitting on or the nightstand right by your bed? More and more designs are coming equipped with USB ports, so you never have to worry about low battery again.

Watch How They Work: Discover how USB ports add to the function and sophistication of a furniture collection.

Adjustable Headrests

If you haven’t experienced the luxury that is an adjustable headrest, you haven’t truly lived yet . . . but there’s still time! Adjustable headrests - whether activated by button or ratchet - allow you to perfectly position your head for any leisure activity. From watching TV, to reading, to napping, to talking, you will instantly become more comfortable while doing just about anything.

Watch How They Work: Experience the game-changing addition of adjustable headrests, which take comfort to the next level.

Touch Lighting

When you get up in the middle of the night and need a light, imagine simply touching a sensor in the back of your nightstand to turn your table lamp on. That’s how easy it is when your nightstand has a lamp assist feature. These nightstands typically have 3 power outlets - 2 you can plug other items into, and 1 for your lamp, which connects to an easy-to-reach touch sensor strip or button.

AC Outlets

If your bedroom doesn’t have enough power outlets, or if you prefer to get all your cord clutter under control, you can now find many items with built-in AC outlets.

Watch How They Work: Plug in and charge up devices easily and conveniently with furniture that features built-in outlets.

Cord Management

Many nightstands, media chests and TV stands come with cord management holes or wire cutouts that allow you to hide and organize the chaos that comes with your media equipment. There’s no bigger eyesore or design distraction than a bunch of tangled cords, and these small but mighty holes help manage all that mess and stress.

Light-Up Cupholders

When the lights are down low and you’re right in the middle of an intense movie or TV show, having light-up cupholders can really come in handy. You don’t want to spill your drink on your beautiful leather recliner, right? This little luxury will ensure you always put your beverage back where it belongs.

Watch How They Work: The smart feature you never knew you needed so badly, lighted cupholders will transform the way you lounge.

Power Lift Recliner Remotes

smart remote

Power-lift recliners make sitting down and getting up a smooth and pain-free process - especially for anyone who suffers from back or leg issues. For further ease, many of these designs include remote controls that allow you to adjust the position at the press of a button. This one even includes a USB port.

Bonus Feature: Dimmable Lights

Light dimmers in floor, desk and table lamps make a room feel more ambient. Dimmers work by chopped-up voltage: instead of one whole waveform (the brightest setting), only parts of the waveform are let through, creating a dimming effect. In most lamps, dimmers can be controlled by a sliding switch.

Bonus Feature: Adjustability

Common on lamps, desks and chairs, an adjustable feature allows you to move the piece exactly to the position of your liking. Since we all come in many shapes and sizes, furniture shouldn’t be one-position-fits all. Being able to adjust the way you sit at a desk or lean back in a chair can make the lounging more ergonomic. Neck strains, back strains and tension then become less likely to occur.

Bonus Feature: Wireless Charging

No charger nearby? No problem. Place your phone on the charging pad – no cords needed. These simple designs work by a magnetic field which sends energy to your device, making it easy to relax and recharge, literally.

Watch How They Work: Enjoy a seamless experience as you sit down and rise up thanks to remote control-operated power lift capabilities.

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