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Best Sleeper Sofas: The Official List

The best sleeper sofas of 2023, customer-rated and -reviewed!

Best Value

Mackenzie Twin Sofa Sleeper

Width: 53" Height: 35"

Best Features: Track arms - Pressure-relief foam

Chic grey fabric. Easy pull-out sofa bed. Solid hardwood frame. Spacious high-density mattress. Pressure-relief foam. Contemporary modern silhouette. Easy-to-clean design. Espresso legs. Quiet support system. Solid customer reviews. Unbeatable value. (Need we go on?)

The Best Value category perhaps takes the longest to fill, because best value is less about ticking boxes than it is about the greater design as a whole. Best value, by the way, isn’t the same thing as “most affordable.” While for the “most affordable” category (scroll down to find it!) we looked mainly at the price point alone, “best value” is about the combination of functionality, high luxury craftsmanship and below-average cost. The only “cheap” thing about the Mackenzie is its price.

Best Foam Sleeper Sofas

Silas II Memory Foam Queen Sleeper

Width: 81" Height: 30"

Best Features: Memory foam - Track arms

The Silas is a Queen sleeper that makes going from sitting to lounging to napping a breeze. If reviews are any indication, customers particularly tend to appreciate its memory foam core, versatile hue and clean, stylish track arms.

There are a lot of memory foam sleepers, but there aren’t a lot that do what the Silas does. That is to say, the Silas stands out for its modern style. A crisp shape made up of clean lines, a solid base and thick back cushions have all played a part in shooting the Silas from unknown territory to one of the most excitedly talked about and anticipated designs among customers. If you appreciate pretty things, you’ll appreciate the Silas.

Petula Sleeper

Width: 85.6" Height: 33.3"

Best Features: Versatile hue - Easy 3-step conversion

The Petula embraces style and comfort – perfect for the unexpected overnight guest. Use it in a living room for daytime lounging, or a small bedroom or home office to get the most out of every inch of every space.

To talk about the Petula is to talk about love. Because love is what the Petula gives – and it gives it in abundance. From options for sitting and sleeping (the Petula wants you to choose a shape that makes you happiest) to a power foam core (the Petula thought to itself, it’s not enough that I provide a place to sit and sleep – let me also provide luxury contour foam layers for comfort and support!), every fiber of the Petula’s being gives back by way of functionality. If for no other reason, choose the Petula for others – even if you aren’t completely sold on the idea of the Petula, chances are that your overnight houseguests (or the ones who will most likely be using the Petula the most!) will love it.

Best Small Sleeper Sofas

Paige Convertible Sofa Chaise Sleeper

Width: 84.6" Height: 34.6"

Best Features: Pressure-relief foam

The Paige is so cozy, we wouldn't be surprised if people start to use its name as a substitute for the word cozy itself (ex: Your turtleneck looks Paige!). Either way, the customer demand remains steady for this irresistible sleeper design (which also happens to be small space-friendly). 

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it deserves a place on this list; we chose the Paige not because it’s compact (it is) but because it’s comfy. The best things come in small packages – the package here is the Paige and the thing is the sleeping platform. Featuring a pressure-relief foam core designed to support and contour while you sleep, for a great night’s sleep guests will be raving about the next morning, this Paige’s compact shape is by no means a reflection of its comfort levels. Try the Paige in a bedroom, guest room, game room or living room; its size truly can fit anywhere.

Ethan Sleeper

Width: 53.5" Height: 31.5"

Best Features: Small space friendly

Whoever dreamt up the Ethan had to have lived in a small apartment at one point, because every inch of it is designed with space-saving in mind. (Quick PSA: when you visit the Ethan's customer reviews section, have a pair of sunglasses on hand – all the light from all the stars can be pretty blinding!)

While we’ve seen smaller, the Ethan earned its spot here due to simply being great. (We could have easily placed the Ethan in another category – such as “most comfortable,” as well!) And while we have seen smaller, the Ethan also isn’t the biggest we’ve ever seen – it’s not so large that it won’t fit in small spaces, making it versatile and, in this case, small space-friendly. So, while there are smaller designs out there, consider giving up just a few extra inches of floor space to make way for the Ethan in a small room (if you can); your comfort, style and guests will thank you for it.

Best Big Sofa Beds

Luna Daybed

Width: 93" Height: 40"

Best Features: Adjustable backrests

The Luna comes with individual, adjustable backrests that overnight guests will love – but it's also tailored with plush, light grey cushions for versatile style. What more can you ask from a daybed?

Pictures don't do the Luna Daybed justice. From the thick cushions to pressure-relieving foam to durable performance fabric, no stone was left unturned in the design of this customer favorite. Featuring a Twin-size platform, additional armrests fold out (and backrests can be adjusted) to create a bigger and more customized sleeping space – perfect for entertaining a visiting friend or family member who needs a place to stay for the night. But no matter the purpose, you can be sure the the Luna will provide for your guests all-night comfort and comfortable support. 

Taren Sleeper

Width: 93" Height: 31"

Best Features: Big size

The Taren is massive comfort, making it a great option for the unexpected guest dropping in for the night. But don't take our word for it – one glance at the customer reviews paints a clear picture of the Taren's star quality.

The Taren – now we’re talkin’! This giant sleeper ensures that if you want the space to stretch, you’ve got it. Whether you regularly entertain overnight guests or want to be prepared for the unexpected visit, the Taren has got you and your guests covered (literally, on all sides, with surface mass to spare). Once you’re done goggling at the size (take a few seconds, there’s no rush!), also note the Taren’s three-seater cushions and on-trend contemporary, track arm silhouette (just two more of the reasons why it's made the ranks)!

Best Modern Sofa Beds

Taren Sleeper

Width: 93" Height: 31"

Best Features: Track arms - Dark grey
From its sleek track arms to chic grey hue to expansive cushions, the Taren is a modern statement if there ever was one. And if the customer reviews are any indication, it’s also comfortable. (Like, really comfortable.)

The Taren's available sizes may vary, but here, we’re showcasing the spacious dark grey Queen. (If modern was a color, we’re pretty sure it’d be this one.) Use the Taren in virtually any modern space – it works in mid-century modern, boho modern and urban modern, to name a few. Or, use the Taren in a room with no style to start with, and let the inspiration it comes with take you where it will!

Petula Sleeper

Width: 85.6" Height: 33.3"

Best Features: Accent cushions - Foam bed

Modern style meets modern comfort, thank to an easy-to-lounge-in design. With an easy-to-convert sleeper mechanism, and bold, versatile hue, it's no wonder the Petula gets all the star ratings it does.

The Petula Sleeper Sofa also belongs in best modern because it really doesn’t get any more modern than the Petula Sleeper. Track arms, tufted accent cushions and a simple base strike a contemporary pose that feels as trendy as it does timeless. While it doesn’t come with it, here, it’s shown on a statement dyed rug for added style and contrast; if you’re bringing home the Petula, we highly recommend doing the same)! Of course, we can’t let this section end without pointing out the fact that the Petula contains a power foam bed in its belly – if at this point you’ve stopped reading this to go buy the Petula, we don’t blame you!

Best Queen Sleeper Sofa

Silas Queen Sleeper

Width: 81" Height: 30"

Best Features: Solid hardwood - Memory foam mattress

The Silas isn't something you learn to love over time – you love it from the moment you lay eyes on it. This is thanks to its modern blue hue, crisp track arms and comfortable, high weight-bearing memory foam mattress. When you sleep on the Silas Queen, you'll feel like a Queen (or King)!

When selecting a sleeper for the ‘best Queen’ category, comfort is important – but comfort alone is not enough. It’s also got to have style, affordability and durability. (That last one, though, is actually a given; in order for any product to appear on this list, it’s got to be durable, or well-made and built to last!) The Silas is ‘a go’ on every one of these points and brings a small-space-friendly shape, to boot.

Most Affordable Sleeper Sofa

Paige Convertible Sofa Chaise Sleeper

Width: 84.6" Height: 34.6"

Best Feature: Tapered legs - Statement color

Not everyone likes to lounge or sleep the same. The Paige Convertible Sofa gets this – and provides a solution through a 6-plus (yes, 6-plus!) position lounge. Of course, not everyone's budget is the same, and luckily, the Paige Sofa also gets this, coming at an unbeatable price point.

Like the Silas, this design ticks all the boxes. While we can go on, trying to get you to see the Paige for all its amazingness, we figure in this case it’s best to just let what we have described sink in – and hope that you initiate an in-store visit to feel the Paige with your own hands and see it, in person, with your own eyes. The worst that can happen is that you’ll fall madly in love with the Paige (ruining all other real-life relationships).

Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

Ethan Sleeper

Width: 53.5"  Height: 31.5"

Best Features: Extra-thick cushions - Accent pillows included

It's an unexpected surprise when you feel it in-person (as opposed to staring at it on a screen). The cushions are thick, the fabric soft and the mattress as comfy as a bed mattress. The Ethan, though, is comfortable in more ways than one: through the special order program, you can choose it in a brighter, more neutral, darker or lighter hue (as you wish)!

The Ethan’s customer reviews section should really be called, ‘Love Notes;’ you’ll be hard-pressed to find a review that doesn’t sing its praises. Favorite customer features include the chic accent color, versatile size and track arm silhouette – all of which reflect meticulous construction and quality craftsmanship. Compact, durable and casual, the Ethan gets back to the basics of comfort.

Best Loveseat Sleeper

Mackenzie Sleeper

Width: 68" Height: 35"

Best Feature: Loveseat by day, bed by night

The smaller size (it is a loveseat, after all, not a sofa!) makes the Full version of the Mackenzie adorable. Modern details like track arms and a clean grey color are like furniture’s “fairy dust” – breathing life and magic into a small silhouette.

Technically, this is a loveseat (not a sofa). So, technically, this would more accurately fit on a list of “best loveseat sleepers” as opposed to best “sofa sleepers,” but the Mackenzie Full is just too good to ignore, even for this list. Even if you don’t host overnight guests, ever, the style and comfort of the loveseat design alone is worth the price (and rivals those of even non-sleeper designs). We recommend this one for kids' rooms, game rooms, home offices and living rooms.

Best Sleeper Chair

Mackenzie Twin Sofa Sleeper

Width: 53" Height: 35"

Best Feature: Chair by day, bed by night

The Mackenzie Twin Sleeper stuns as a modern design in and of itself, but what really sets it apart is its easy three-step sleeper conversion and comfort fill.  (Large cushions with an understated grey hue are just the icing on the cake!)

Luxury is not something one often thinks when they think sofa bed. The Mackenzie Twin Sofa Sleeper is here to shatter such notions (or lack thereof) – and replace them with an explosion of luxurious style. Even if its affordability weren’t so high, we have a feeling it would have still landed a spot on this list thanks to its incredibly playful size, comfort and function. Choose the Mackenzie Twin if you like the idea of your dollar stretching further.

Best Rated Sleeper Sofa

Luna Grey Daybed

Width: 93" Height: 40"

Best Feature: Adjustable backrests

The Luna has got five stars for the taking, plus some to spare. It's unique in shape but classic in color – all while providing the kind of comfort that makes you go ahhhh. In other words, the Luna is a recipe for a bestseller and the perfect way to end this list with a bang.

The Luna Daybed is a unique design for its versatile silhouette – equipped with adjustable headrests for a truly customized lounging experience. Customers also tend to appreciate its sleek color and comfy, supportive cushioning. Add on to that the stylish tufting, and you get a clear picture as to why it’s one of the most rave-reviewed sleeper sofas out there – and secured a spot at the end (hey, we saved the best for last!) of this list.
If you don’t have space in your home for a dedicated guest bedroom, a sofa bed is the next best thing. When you buy a sofa with a built-in bed, you always have a place for guests to sleep, no matter the size of your home.

Color and Design Details

You might be buying the sofa bed so you can use it as a place for someone to sleep in, but keep in mind that it will likely be in sofa form most of the time—not folded out into a bed. This means you should pay attention to how the product looks as a sofa, not simply as a bed.
So, consider the color as you shop, making sure you choose a shade that matches the rest of the furniture in the room. Luckily, sofa beds come in nearly all colors, from neutrals like gray or beige to bright shades that make a statement—such as orange or turquoise.
While you think about the color, you should also consider the design. You can keep it simple, or you can go for more elaborate details — such as tapered legs and tufted backs. Just consider what best matches your home’s current style.

Sofa Bed Sizes

Sofa beds come in a few different sizes, so you should spend some time deciding on the best one for your home. First, consider how much space you have for the sofa. If you have plenty of room for it, you can go with a standard sleeper sofa that has three cushions across. These typically pull out into Queen-size beds, offering enough space for one or two adults to sleep.
If you’re pressed for space in your home, don’t worry. You can still get a sleeper sofa, but you might have to stick with a loveseat or chair that unfolds into a twin bed. For example, the Cliff Twin Sleeper would fit perfectly into a small space, since it simply looks like a nice cushioned chair you can keep in the corner of your family room. And then, when a friend needs a spot to sleep, you can easily pull out a twin bed – without taking over the entire room.
Just keep in mind that you need enough space not just for the sofa itself, but also the bed when it’s pulled out. Be sure to measure around the bed before you buy. The width and length are particularly important to know, so you can make sure you won’t be hitting any walls when you pull out the bed.

Now that you know what size and color to get your sofa sleeper in, it’s time to think about the inside of this piece of furniture. More specifically, you need to choose the type of mattress you want, because there are a few options on the market.

One of the most common types of mattresses you’ll find in a sofa bed are innersprings. Innerspring sofa beds feature coils that provide some bounce and lots of comfort. And remember, the more coils the mattress has, the more comfortable it tends to be, so go for one that has at least 600 coils for best results!

If you prefer higher levels of softness, consider a memory foam sofa bed, and be sure to choose one that’s thick and comfortable.

How to Make a Sofa Bed Mattress More Comfortable

While sofa beds are designed to for sleeping, some people may prefer different comfort levels. If a sofa bed doesn't meet your personal firmness/plushness requirements, simply adding a mattress topper can change the entire feel of a sofa bed mattress. (Opt for a firm topper if the mattress feels too plush – and plush mattress if it feels too firm.)

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