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10 Best Reading Chairs: The Official Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide to the best reading chairs of 2020, as rated and reviewed by customers.

Most Comfortable Chairs for Reading

Emerson Chair

Best Features: Oversized - Comfortable armrests

The high ratings and reviews for the Emerson collection are not for nothing. Featuring soft fabrics, clean lines and chic color palettes, reading suddenly becomes a luxurious activity. The chair in particular has big armrests, big seating, a big backrest and big pillows; It’s the perfect design for readers who like to curl up – or sprawl out.

Callie Accent Chair

Best Features: Accent upholstery - Versatile size
While the Caliie brings statement style, the real reason it’s proven such a hit with customers has less to do with its looks and more to do with its size. Not too big, not too small, in fact, just right—and really, should have been named the “Goldilocks.” Perfect for the cozy reader in all of us.

Best Reclining Reading Chair

Talin Linen Power Recliner

Best Features: Recline - USB 
A day spent with the Talin is a day well spent. Featuring reclining motion mechanisms, durable adjustable headrests and inner foam cushions, the Talin truly does it all—in the most comfortable way imaginable. A personal favorite among the editors here at LS and a best-seller in stores.

Best Oversized Reading Chairs

Twirl Swivel Accent Chair

Best Features: Swivel base - Supportive back
Big-and-fierce, the Twirl scores perfect reviews, every time, thanks to a range of qualities designed to cater to the needs and wants of even the most serious of readers. Among the most notable of these qualities? Its extra-supportive backrest—and the soothing swivel base.

Lodge Chair

Best Feature: Spacious seating
In the midst of an epic page-turner? You’ll need epic seating—and the Lodge is sure to deliver. Featuring a ginormous seating area (think big arms and big cushions), the only downside to this design is that it’s so big and so comfy, you may find you have no real reason to return to the outside world ever again.

Best Rocker Reading Chair

Sloan Rocker Recliner

Best Features: Rocker - Innerspring/foam
If you and your reading chair are currently in a happy relationship, then don’t sit in the Sloan—because it’ll surely break the two of you apart. Built with an inner foam cushion blend, soft high-performance fabric and a gentle rocker mechanism, it’s everything you never knew you were missing. But don’t take our word for it—let the raving customer reviews speak for themselves!

Best Reading Chair + Ottoman

Amala Dark Grey Reclining Swivel Chair

Best Features: Recline - Top Grain Leather
A svelte silhouette, power reclining motions and an adjustable headrest have sealed the Amala’s reputation as a rock star of a reading chair—but what truly drives its stellar ratings has more to do with its upholstery: a 100% top grain leather that’s as buttery-soft as it is velvety-rich.

Best Wingback Reading Chair

Bailey Flare Arm Wing Club Chair

Best Features: Wingback - Mudcloth pattern
Who knew reading could be so aesthetic? The Bailey, that’s who! Featuring a winged back, flared arms and tapered legs, every inch of this reading chair speaks to poise and grace. Plus, it features tight back foam cushions and roomy dimensions for added support and comfort—making it easy to see why customers continue to rank it as one of the best reading chairs, year after year.

Best Small Reading Chair

Allie Chair

Best Features: Tapered legs - Dark finish
There are a lot of things that make the Allie cool: tapered legs, tufted back, sleek color. But perhaps the coolest of all its features actually has more to do with what is not seen: its one-size-fits-all comfort! Readers, after all, shouldn’t have to choose between a style they love and one that actually ‘fits’ them. It’s a simple philosophy—and one that’s helped to cement the Allie’s status as a ‘customer favorite’ through the years.

Best Leather Reading Chair

Tate III Leather Accent Chair

Best Features: Leather upholstery - Solid hardwood frame
Colorful, sleek, and stylish, the Tate proves that reading is as aesthetic of an activity as any. And while it’s hardworking in style, the Tate’s customer reviews paint a clear picture: it’s also comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that sitting on the Tate might as well be called floating on a cloud. What more could a reader want?
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