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The Most Popular Outdoor Chair, According to Our Consumer Insights Survey

Adirondack or lounge chair? Fire pit or or pergola? Planters or statues? We asked, a lot of you (1,095, to be precise) responded. Here are the results of our 2021 Outdoor Living Survey.
"Have you purchased or do you plan to purchase any new outdoor furniture this year?" The outdoors are calling: in 2021, 65% are budgeting for fresh backyard and patio setups.
"When selecting outdoor furniture, what is most important?" Whether or not a new outdoor furniture purchase will last is at the top of your minds: durability came in at 51%, style at 26%, material at 5% and price at 18%.
"What is your budget for purchasing outdoor furniture?" Affordable, but not cheap: Most people would spend somewhere between $150 and $500 on outdoor furniture (45%). After that, preferred price ranges are all over the map: 31% would spend between $500 and $1000, 17% more than $1000 and 7% under $150.
"What is your favorite style of outdoor chair?" Nothing beats sipping summer drinks while half-reclined: lounge chairs are most popular, at 34%. Runners-up include wood chairs (25%), swivel chairs (18%), adirondack chairs (12%), egg chairs (8%) and wicker chairs (3%).
"What is your favorite color palette for an outdoor space?" If you prefer your decor to blend in with nature, you're not alone. At 44%, neutrals dominate. Other favorites include earthy colors (27%), jewel tones (16%), bright colors (12%) and pastels (2%).
"What is your most desired feature in your outdoor space?" Roasted marshmallows, anyone? Outdoor firepits are the most-desired outdoor feature at 54%, followed by indoor-outdoor spaces at 34%, pergolas at 25%, outdoor kitchens at 25%, outdoor bars at 24%, edible gardens at 23%, outdoor pizza ovens at 10%, she sheds at 5% and outdoor showers at 4%.
"What is the biggest challenge when it comes to your outdoor space?" Fast fads are out, timeless investments are in. At 32%, longevity of furniture is most concerning when it comes to outdoor spaces, followed by the frustration of not having enough space with which to decorate, period.
"What is your favorite outdoor rug pattern?" Read between the lines and shapes for these results: geometrics are the most popular outdoor rug pattern, and diamonds (at 6%) remain as rare as ever.
"What is your favorite decorating piece for your outdoor space?" Sky-high results for what belongs on the ground: At 48%, planters are raking in more than soil this summer. Others include pillows (26%), umbrellas (12%), rugs (7%), statues (4%) and garden stools (3%).
"What is your favorite source of outdoor lighting?" There's a charm that comes from a backyard or patio twinkling with fairy lights, and people are catching on: String lights caught 72% of the votes, followed by lanterns (12%), torch lights (5%), sconces (4%), lamps (4%) and umbrella lights (3%).
"For outdoor plants, I prefer . . . " We're all mad (about gardens) here! 37% of survey participants most like the idea of caring for seedlings, 25% growing their own produce, 25% a mix of faux and real plants, 22% planting seeds, 17% not dealing with outdoor plants and 5% all-faux plants.
"I use my outdoor space . . . " Backyards and patios have become a staple of daily living rituals. 46% use them most evenings, 25% only on the weekends, 18% most mornings and 17% only to entertain.

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