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Sleep Report: Here's the Most Loved Mattress, According to 60% of Consumers

In 2021, the Living Spaces Consumer Insights Team surveyed 516 people to find out their habits, opinions and shopping patterns on all things mattresses. Here’s the latest report, broken down into bar graphs and pie charts.
Exactly what percentage of people sleep on their sides? What is the most popular type of mattress? Do you wait longer than most people to buy a new mattress, or are you replacing your mattress more often than the average consumer? Find out whether you’re an outlier – or in line with the trends!

“What is your preferred firmness in a mattress?” Apparently, most of us agree with Goldilocks. 60% of respondents say they want a mattress that’s not too firm and not too soft – but ‘just right’ medium.

“What type of sleeper are you?” If you sleep on your back or stomach, you’re a rare breed. The majority (68%) of those polled sleep on their sides, while 17% identify as back-sleepers and 16% as stomach-sleepers.
“What type of mattress do you prefer?” Hybrid is the top choice, ringing in at 46%. Runners-up for comfort include memory foam at 27%, innerspring at 11% and latex at 1%.
“How much would you be willing to spend on a new mattress?” According to the survey, most (42%) budget between $500 and $1000 for a new mattress. 34% are willing to shell out up to $2000. Penny-pinching isn’t popular, at least when it comes to mattresses: only 7% would spend $500 or less.
“What features do you look for in a mattress?” The most popular feature? Cooling, as 53% voted for it. Memory foam is right up there, at 51%, pillow top at 43% and motion separation at 35%. Less popular? Adjustable base-compatibility, at only 18%.
What is the biggest challenge when shopping for a mattress?” 70% of those surveyed said the hardest thing about buying a mattress is finding the perfect comfort level. Cost came in at 58% and figuring out just what the heck to do with an old mattress came in at 39%. The annoyances of mattress salespeople came in at 19% (we’re guessing the 19% shopped at a place with a commissioned salesperson; the 19% are advised to try the Revive Sleep Center, where working on commission is as non-existent as flying pigs!) and potential delivery issues at 17%.

“How often do you rotate your mattress by hand (turning the mattress 180 degrees)?” Rotating a mattress can help keep it supportive and extend its lifespan. People, apparently, are attuned to this: 62% do it once a year and 11% once every five years. Close to 30% never do it, though (and if you are one of the 30% reading this, consider this a free piece of advice: you should)!

“How long do you spend researching the right mattress before purchasing?” One to two weeks, according to 40% of respondents. Almost a third (32%) of people will have it faster: 21% say one to two days is the sweet spot, while 11% can’t wait even that long, preferring to spend less than a day on research.
“When do you feel it’s time for a new mattress?” When the mattress sagging becomes so bad that you just can’t take it anymore – that’s when 43% of people feel it’s time to start looking for a new mattress. 28% of people say every ten years on the dot. 27% say it’s time once the mattress starts to show early signs of sagging, and 18% say every five years.
“What preventative measures do you take to help preserve your mattress?” Or, in plain English, how hygienic are you? Thankfully, 81% of people are very hygienic, regularly washing mattress protector and/or sheets. 78% of people use a mattress protector, and 61% won’t eat or drink in bed. 39% of people clean and vacuum the actual mattress for dust (props to the overachieving 39%) and 31% say ‘no’ to lounging in bed throughout the day. A courageous 4% do none of the above.
“How likely are you to purchase a mattress online without seeing it in-store?” 40% are adamant about seeing it in-person first; to 23%, it’s not as important. 8% of all respondents don’t care either way.

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