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Spring Cleaning Survey: Read It and Sweep

Spring is the season for fresh beginnings and renewal, and after a winter of a messy year, we can’t think of a better time for some seriously deep cleaning. To get a feel for the current mood, our Consumer Insights team surveyed 464 people on what exactly their ideas of decluttering, re-organizing, rearranging and cleaning look like in Spring 2021.
Curious as to how the respondents match up to your personal cleaning style? Here’s the full report – read it and sweep.
“Are you looking forward to spring cleaning this year?” 66% of people said yes and 34% said no. Data speaks: the vast majority of people love the idea of a fresh new beginning, no matter the work involved.
“Which room of your home do you spend the most time cleaning?” Spring cleaning is all about the kitchen (39%) and bedrooms (28%), perhaps because those are the two rooms most people spend most of their time in.

“What activities do you participate in during spring cleaning?” It’s almost unanimous: 90% of people declutter when spring cleaning, followed by 68% who devote time to the floors, 64% to wiping surfaces, 62% to dusting, 59% to cleaning bathroom sinks and tiles, 58% to cleaning the refrigerator, 52% to washing bedding and 40% to rearranging furniture and décor. What’s perhaps most enlightening here is what people won’t do: almost 40% and 30% of people won’t touch the bathroom or fridge, respectively.

“What is your least favorite chore in spring cleaning?” It’s now official: cleaning bathroom sinks and tiles is the most hated chore (55% said it was their least favorite). 26% of people dislike cleaning the fridge the most, 17% decluttering, 13% dusting, 12% cleaning the floor, 9% wiping surfaces, 6% rearranging furniture and décor and 5% washing bedding.
“What is the biggest challenge when it comes to spring cleaning?” Time is not on their side: 28% said spring cleaning takes too long, while 26% said the motivation for a cleaner house in the springtime is, simply, lacking.
“Who makes the biggest mess in the house?” They may look cute, but it’s all just a façade: children are the biggest mess-makers, according to well over a third of respondents. All things considered, it’s actually kind of romantic that “myself” and “my spouse” are tied – although, of course, that can also be interpreted as a finger-pointing standoff.
“What tasks would you rather do than partake in spring cleaning?” Going to the dentist sounds like fun all of a sudden: 35% of people would rather get their teeth cleaned than partake in spring cleaning. This also just in: if you want to get in shape, tell yourself you need to clean, as there’s a 27% chance you’ll run a mile instead. Other ‘would you rather’ selections include giving up alcohol for a month (26%) and giving up coffee for a month (16%).
“What do you do with unwanted/unused items?” 95% of people will donate or sell rather than throw out. If you’re in need of an uplifting story about recycling habits, this is as good as it gets.
“The books in my ideal bookshelf are organized by:” Apparently, aesthetic and space is the most important element, as 41% consider the size first and foremost. The 18% and 15% is where we see our inner bookworms come out of hiding, as author’s name and favorites, respectively, are the preferred organizing method.
“After cleaning, I prefer to scent my home with:” Scented candles aren’t going anywhere: 40% said that’s how they prefer to scent their rooms after a cleaning sesh. Since they’re aesthetic, easy, affordable and straight-up fun, it’s no wonder the percentage is so high.
“The type of music that motivates me the most when cleaning is:” A good beat is universal, and 50% of respondents want to feel the rhythm while they clean.
spring cleaning report
“When cleaning, I prefer:” 27% of people are purging their homes of “the bad stuff” in more ways than one this spring by sticking to natural, chemical-free solutions. 50% are finding balance between harsher chemicals and the softer/better-for-you stuff.

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