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11 Best Mattresses of 2023

The best mattresses of 2023, selected by customer reviews, ratings and affordability.

Best Hybrid Mattress

Revive H2 Medium Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid ✓ Tri-Zoned Foam Encasement ✓ 6-Series Wrapped Coils ✓

According to customers, it’s the best hybrid from Revive – and, from glancing at the customer reviews, of any brand. The first thing to know is that it comes in a box for easier setup. The second thing to know (and the final word on the matter): it’s comfortable. It keeps you cool, wicks away moisture and targets support in famous Revive fashion, all thanks to the power of a unique Cool Bounce Copper Gel layer.

Best Innerspring Mattress

Revive Series 4 Mattress

Comfort Foam ✓ Natural Fibers ✓ Innersprings ✓

Innersprings have been around forever, and the Revive Series 4 is disrupting what it means to sleep on them. Finely-tuned engineering asks you to trade the creaky coils of yesteryear for an ultra-modern sleep experience complete with four layers of responsive comfort. Choose this one not because it has innersprings (that’s a given), but because it also has comfort foam, and particularly, the kind designed to balance and keep you blissfully afloat the total support core.

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Revive R2 Plus Medium Mattress

Memory Foam ✓ Bed in a Box ✓ Cooling Cover ✓

Ah, the search for the perfect memory foam mattress: it’s a rocky journey at best. With so many shiny contenders screaming at you to ‘pick me! pick me!’, it can be hard to know which ones will actually keep you comfortable and which ones will leave you tossing and turning in a fit of sweats. The Revive R2 Plus Medium, or any from Revive, for that matter, belongs to the former category: it’s five layers of beautiful, beautiful comfort. Five layers of cooling tech, copper gel foam and CertiPUR foam (meaning, you can rest easy knowing you’re sleeping on clean, safe materials), keep the sleeping easy, night after night.


Best Queen Mattress

Revive Series 5 Queen Mattress

Comfort Foam ✓ Innersprings ✓ Natural Fibers ✓

The best Queen mattress is named aptly: the Revive Series 5 reigns over all supreme, in regal fashion, with (metaphorical) crown and scepter. The first thing you’ll see when looking at her is the soft-to-the-touch stretch knit cover, encompassing layer after layer of high-density foam, targeted support zones and individually-wrapped coils. (That, of course, is mattress jargon for a refreshingly simple concept: balanced support and comfort that keeps you cool.)

Best Pillow Top Mattress

Revive Gel Dreams Plush Mattress

Pillow Top ✓ Gel ✓ Cooling ✓

Find yourself tied between your preferences for a gel feel and plusher give? The Revive Gel Dreams Plush Pillow Top Mattress lets you have it all with the addition of a luxury pillow top. Tufted on top and made with individually wrapped coils, the Gel Dreams is all the things you love about Living Spaces' Revive brand – targeted innersprings, cooling system, deep profile – with the pressure-relieving top layer that’s as silky-smooth as you can dare to imagine.

Best Twin Mattress

Revive Series 6 Mattress

Eco Flex Foam ✓ Individually Wrapped Coils ✓ Memory Foam ✓

This Twin mattress is the smallest on this list – deceptively so. Inside, it contains bigger, better, bolder comfort, cooling tech and pressure relief. For kids and adults alike, it’s a surefire ride to blissful sleep. From its long list of advanced features, customer favorites include Ventilated Foam, Increased Airflow and Wrapped Coils.

Best King Mattress

Beautyrest Hybrid Carbondale King Mattress

Sleep Trial ✓ Individually Wrapped Coils ✓ Hybrid ✓

The Beautyrest Hybrid Carbondale is no fad. Time-tested and customer-approved, it features the most advanced temperature-cooling system for hot sleepers and an irresistible blend of memory foam and wrapped coils. All of this comes as no surprise, as anything that gets put out by Beautyrest earns instant icon status for extreme comfort.


Best Latex Mattress

Diamond Aspen Cool Latex Hybrid Mattress

Natural Latex ✓ Certipur-US Comfort Layers ✓ Patented Zoned Nested Coils ✓

Compared to memory foam and innerspring, latex is a newcomer, but the Diamond Aspen Cool makes it feel like it’s been around for generations. There are two main benefits that stand out here: the naturalness of quality latex (which is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and better for the environment) and the buoyancy of Diamond latex, which offers a weightless feel (read: it’s like sleeping on a cloud). Other features include a nested coil system for a boost in support and a CoolTouch temperature-regulating fabric for ensured climate control.

Best Full Size Mattress

Tempur-Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid Full Mattress

Motion Separation ✓ Tempur Material ✓ 1000+ Premium Spring Coils ✓

This Full mattress is everything. (Like, literally, everything.) It’s smart, with a next-generation, cool-to-the-touch, antimicrobial outer layer. It’s original, featuring the brand’s TEMPUR comfort layer. It’s pressure-relieving, with a support middle layer. It’s also not just words: it’s a sensation we can’t describe here, so go check it out for yourself and start falling in love.

Best Plush Mattress

Revive Cooltek Graphene Ice Hybrid Plush Mattress

Graphene ✓ Cooling Tech ✓ Plush ✓

Many plush mattresses are made with memory foam in order to deliver that uniquely foamy-plushy-adaptive feel. The problem, though, is that many (read: poor quality) memory foam products get really hot, really fast. To the rescue here comes the Revive Cooltek Graphene Ice, which is plush, foam, and actually temperature-regulating. Buy it for the graphene layers (a natural material that’s naturally cool) and keep it for the body-contouring comfort.


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