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9 Best Pillows of 2021 - The Official List

“Too soft!” “Too firm!” “Too high!” “Too low!” “Too hot!” Sound familiar? These are just a few of the common complaints most sleepers have to deal with on a nightly basis due to a less-than-ideal pillow situation. If you find yourself in the same situation, keep reading to discover our editors’ top picks for bed pillows in 2021, based on customer reviews, popularity, and the personal favorites of our sleep experts. Each is designed for optimal head, neck and shoulder comfort and support to keep you snoozing without interruption – so that the only complaint you’ll find yourself making is that you didn’t discover it sooner!

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Balance 0.0 Pillow

Get it Jul 04 - Jul 08

Storm 0.0 Pillow

Get it Jul 04 - Jul 08

Glacier 0.0 Pillow

Get it Jul 04 - Jul 08

Rise 2.0 Low Profile

Side sleepers require a special pillow height: if it’s too flat, your neck will strain below your shoulders, and if it’s too high, your neck will strain above your shoulders. (Both situations throw the spinal alignment out of whack, compromising comfort and orthopedic health.) The Rise 2.0 Low Profile is designed specifically with side sleepers in mind, tested on numerous body types and for a range of side-sleeping habits (such as sleeping with your arms tucked in). The end product is the stuff that dreams are made of, for which customers have continued to show gratitude since the Rise 2.0 launched a few years ago.

Rise 2.0 Low Profile: Featured Customer Reviews

“One of the best pillows I’ve had. I am a side sleeper, and love to scrunch the pillow up. It does that perfectly, but doesn’t flatten or lose shape. Only issue is that it runs pretty hot. I still love it, though!” – HS800
“These pillows are made from heaven. My neck has never felt better.” - katheryn
I love to scrunch my pillow into a ball when I sleep and this is the perfect pillow for the job. If you’re a scruncher like myself, this is your pillow, well made inside and out.” – Eddie

Best Pillow for Kids

New Level 1.0 Pillow

Get it Jul 04 - Jul 08

New Level 2.0 Pillow

Get it Jul 04 - Jul 08

Level 0.0 Pillow

Get it Jul 04 - Jul 08

Junior Dreamer

Designed specifically for kids, the latest junior pillow from Revive comes at an affordable price and glowing customer reviews. Features include ventilated memory foam, a moisture-wicking cover and an ergonomic profile height, which all work together to cradle your little ones’ heads and necks while they blissfully sleep.

Junior Dreamer: Featured Customer Reviews

“We’ve all seen our toddlers sleep, right? Crooked necks, hyperextended heads, etc . . . Recently, my toddler woke up and literally told me, “Momma, I don’t like my pillow. My neck hurts.” During this time, we stumbled upon this pillow. For the price, we thought, “Sure, why not! Let’s give it a try!” It’s been a month, and he has yet to complain about any neck pain. My three-year-old loves this pillow. It’s plush, expandable, and breathable, all in one.” – nancnef

Best Low Profile Pillow

Arctic Gel Low Profile

Lower-profile pillows are the best bet for side sleepers, since they’re just high enough to keep the neck, while in a side position, aligned with the rest of the spine. The Arctic Gel Low Profile, though, isn’t just for side sleepers; if you sleep on your back, stomach or side and prefer more of a slimmer design when it comes to pillow height, then the cooling, contouring comfort benefits of the Arctic Low Profile can’t be beat.

Arctic Gel Low Profile: Featured Customer Reviews

“Love it. That's all there is to say. It's cool, it's supportive, and it's the perfect height for a back/side sleeper like I am." – bnic
“Truly the best pillow we have ever owned. We have bought every foam, wheat, soy, gel pillow and none are as good as this pillow. Large size and length make it even better.” – elportogal
“You will have to try the different pillow height at the store. Once you find the right height you will get great sleep with no neck aches. Pillow stays cool to the touch and does not get warm.” – joelr1

Best Medium Profile Pillow

Rise 2.0 Medium Profile

The Revive sleep tech embedded in the Rise 2.0 Medium Profile is unmatched. Designed for pressure-relieving support and cushiony, cloud-like comfort, the Rise 2.0 Medium Profile remains a bestseller time and again (no small thanks to its luxuriously soft cover and plush fill).

Rise 2.0 Medium Profile: Featured Customer Reviews

“They are the best. They conform to your head and I have slept so much better since I purchased mine. I can highly recommend them.” – anniepro
“These pillows were purchased based on recommendation of my sister – good advice, better sleep was achieved! Totally worth the price!” – runnersmother
“My husband says I don’t snore as loudly or as often with this pillow.” – cynd

Best Latex Pillow

Revive Organic Latex

The Revive Organic Latex pillow ensures you’re sleeping clean. Latex, a natural substance derived from sap, isn’t manufactured or processed – just of the earth. The master designers here have harnessed the power of nature, and the results couldn’t feel more luxurious.

Revive Organic Latex: Featured Customer Reviews

“I have 3 of these pillows for maximum comfort when sleeping. Even just one is enough, but I had to get three to match. Feels better than any other memory foam pillow I’ve ever had!” – kayla
“It’s soft and very comfortable. The medium firmness provides excellent neck support to go along with my medium firm mattress. I had my doubts that a pillow costing so much could be justified, but it actually is. It really is soft and excellent. It doesn't smell, either!” – es6wiz
“Got these pillows with my bed purchase. The mid-level firm is a great feeling for an easy night’s sleep.” – eric

Best Gel Pillow

Glacier Gel Medium Profile

Memory foam infused with cooling Revive gel – that’s what you get with the Glacier Gel. While it comes in various profile heights, we’re highlighting here the Medium Profile, which ups the layers for more square inches of comfort and support.

Glacier Gel Medium Profile: Featured Customer Reviews

“Perfect complement to your bed, while you look for that great rest after a whole day of work.” – Jerome
“Those pillows are very nice to have. The gel texture offers great neck support and I sleep very well on it.” – alex
“I love my pillows. I originally purchased one pillow and my husband and I fought over it every night. So, we ended up purchasing two; I sleep so much better, I will never go back to a regular standard pillow!” – Roberts

Best Memory Foam Pillow

Cosmo 3.0 Pillow

Get it Jul 04 - Jul 08

Cosmo 0.0 Pillow

Get it Jul 04 - Jul 08

Cosmo 1.0 Pillow

Get it Jul 04 - Jul 08

Tempur-Adapt Cloud with Cooling

One word: Tempur-Pedic. If you want the best of the best of adaptive memory foam, go with the Cloud.

Tempur-Adapt Cloud with Cooling: Featured Customer Reviews

“This pillow definitely helps support your neck and head throughout the night.” – joecool
“I would highly recommend this pillow. Best pillow I’ve slept on.” – patty
“The Tempur-Pedic pillow is by far my best investment this year. If comfort is what you're looking for, then look no further. As soon as you lay your head down, you will melt into the pillow. It feels as if you're floating. I highly recommend this product.” – tina

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