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5 Best Desks for Students

From homework to textbooks, the life of a student demands space, function and focus. Get all three — plus a little personality — with the help of our editors' hand-picked list. Here are the best desks for students of 2024, with insights from interior designer Adrian Palacios.

Best Writing Desk

1. Alton Desk

Best Features: - study desk - storage drawers function

Size: 44"W x 18"D x 30"H

Student's Checklist: "This desk is stylish, roomy and features storage drawers. It's perfect for young students to high school and beyond, especially for those who just want a simple place to focus." - Adrian Palacios, LS Designer

Featured Review: I recently purchased this writing desk that has exceeded my expectations in every way. - Mid Mod Guy

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2. Jacob Desk

Best Feature: - student desk with storage shelves - matching desk chair - ample storage space

Size: 45"W x 18"D x 31"H

Student's Checklist: "This elevated brown color gives executive presence to young students. The deep drawers are a bonus - I recommend using them with drawer organizers depending on your storage needs!" - Adrian Palacios, LS Designer

Featured Review: Sturdy and really nice look. Loved it for my workplace and study table. - Gagandeep

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Best Adjustable Desk

3. Prospero Standing Desk

Best Features: - sit-stand adjustable desk - adjustable height makes for a flexible work surface

Size: 47.25"W x 23.5"D x 28.25"H

Student's Checklist: "Nowadays, the best desk for a student is one that levels up. Students' attentions are drawn to multiple screens and communication avenues. Between the shifts in focus, being able to stand up or sit down is helpful."- Adrian Palacios, LS Designer

Featured Review: This desk is the perfect size. Sturdy and I love that you can stand if you wish.- HJCz

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Best Computer Desk

4. Sync Computer Desk

Best Features: - l-shaped desk - steel frame that can serve as computer table and gaming desk - Mdf, metal frame

Size: 54"W x 54"D x 36"H

Student's Checklist: "I highly recommend Sync for college-age students. It has USB, AC outlets and cord management. It also has a monitor shelf, which will reduce eye strain and neck strain, and also gives you more surface room for paperwork." - Adrian Palacios, LS Designer

Featured Review: Great desk, exactly what I need to have a compact study space.- A1234A

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5. Luca Desk

Best Features: - student computer desk with 3 drawers

Size: 54"W x 54"D x 36"H

Student's Checklist: "USB ports and a fun color. This design represents function and a personality to match the student who sits behind it - which is exactly what studying should be all about!" - Adrian Palacios, LS Designer

Featured Review: This went in one of our daughter’s rooms and she was thrilled. Great functionality and well built. Love the usb ports for plugging things in! - Hfamily

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