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The Best Kids Playroom Ideas for 2022

NO ADULTS ALLOWED! Because every kids playroom should be a place where imagination and whimsy run free – in places only kids can take them!

1. Think Like a Kid

It’s up to you, as an adult, to organize/design a playroom—but it’s up to the kids to play in it, so think on their level! Pack the “best things,” a.k.a the stuffed animals, dolls, building blocks and racecars, in low-to-the ground storage. Think kid-height toy chests and storage cubes; it goes without saying that the faster they can reach their toys, the happier they’ll be!

2. Bring in Fun Furniture

In your kid’s eyes, the best kind of playroom is one where all the furniture is kid furniture. Deck out your child’s dream playroom with toy chests, a playroom table and chairs, and a kids daybed—no “grown-up” furniture allowed!
Carve out a corner just for reading: all that’s needed is a sturdy chair, a comfy rug and lots of whimsical art.
Toy storage, but make it chic: This grey toy chest is almost as sophisticated as “grown-up” furniture—but shhhh, don’t tell the kids that!

3. ...And Don’t Forget the Playroom Decor!

First of all, can we just take a minute: how cute are these baby animal gold figurines (pictured left)? So cute, and we have a feeling it has to do with the Law of Playroom Decor, attributed to Newton (probably). It’s simple, really, and it goes something like this: “The more baby animal figurines, the greater the exponential increase of the Cuteness factor.”

4. Encourage Activity

As in, try to discourage the use of phones, tablets and computers, and instead create a space conducive toward physical toys and games. Let the playroom be a place where they can get messy and make mistakes, learn, grow and repeat. The worst that can happen? Imaginations will just have to work a little harder!
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