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8 Kids Reading Nook Ideas to Inspire Literary Adventure

It's never been more important to create a nurturing and supportive environment for today's children. After remote learning and working become an unexpected norm, kids are spending more time than ever in their rooms. To help them maximize creativity and learning, reading nooks can be incorporated into almost any bedroom for a quiet space dedicated to literature. Configurations can maximize the space for any size of room or number of children.

1. Comfy Cushions

Depending on how active their bedroom is for play, placing a sturdy and sizable cushion or stool towards the center of the room can be ideal. Kids are able to comfortably sit in any posture, a talent lost with age. Let them make the most of it and lounge, sit or lie down however they feel they should. Sometimes hanging upside down is exactly what's needed to ride the wave of an intense chapter. Just make sure not to intrude on established play areas though, as it could have the opposite effect.

2. Cooler Colors

For older kids or those with mature tastes, cooler colors can be the exact calming palette desired for curling up with a good book. Plenty of throw pillows allow for customized comfort and a lightweight side table safely holds any hot cocoa or tea. Floor cushions, puffs and poufs are always a welcome addition for both ottoman use and as extra seating when friends are over. Large enough chairs, or small enough children, can seat two or more for group reading sessions or bedtime storytelling.

3. Small End Tables

Cozier rooms that don't boast as much space should utilize the corners as much as possible. Large chairs with plush cushions allow kids to truly sink into the seat and put their full attention towards their reading of choice; shelving or a small end table can be nearby to give books their own resting place between sessions. Throw blankets should be used both for warmth as well as a splash of color against the chair. The larger the seat, the more throw pillows and blankets you'll want.

4. Natural Light

Are there multiple little ones running around in the bedroom? Try establishing a loveseat near the windows to accommodate as many eager minds as possible. Reading with the natural light will help boost their mood and reduce eye strain while they're still growing. Side and coffee tables can be added to help hold books and drinks with larger tables making room for homework and class projects. Utilize area rugs to protect the underlying floor from any spills or unexpected science experiments.

5. Elevated Beds

Make the best of an elevated bed by placing a reading nook right below. The smaller space and familiar setting create an extra "room" within the room that your little one can retire to for some needed reading.

Accessorizing the space truly makes it theirs whether that be an area rug, special lighting or additional book storage for a miniature library shelf. Nearby plushies and stuffed animals are perfect for last-minute reading partners during stormy nights or scary stories.

String or fairy lights can also be safely strung to the above bed frame to minimize the amount of fixtures or installations needed to achieve the final look. Plus, the gentle light makes night reading much more relaxing compared to the entire room being illuminated.

6. Neutral Colors

Gravitating towards the room's windows has multiple benefits. The natural light brings new energy and life to the room and the option to look outside while reading can give the eyes a much needed break. Picture curling up on an oversized armchair with a hot chocolate and your favorite book as it snows outside. Now imagine your child having that available to them whenever the reading bug bites and they go to get lost in another world. Light, neutral colors help the light bounce around the room and keep the space from feeling claustrophobic.

7. Low-Profile Seating

Low-profile seating may seem too modern for a child's taste, but practicality is a larger concern for many kids. When the option to sit or lie down is available, you can rest assured there will be a posture change every chapter. A long throw pillow introduces extra comfortability configurations to accommodate any desired level of comfort. Younger children will also benefit from being able to safely mount and dismount the chair or bench without the need for assistance. Just make sure proper supervision and safety is always a priority even if they're only reading. Thick area rugs and extra pillows can help while adding extra color to the room.

8. DIY

Creating your kid's own magical world right in their room is one of the greatest gifts you can give any bookworm. Figure out their favorite parts from their favorite books along with any beloved characters. By using a mix of paint, DIY skills and accessories, you can design and make everything over the weekend. (Remember: going with smaller furniture rather than large plush seats keeps the space feeling open and larger than it actually is!) Let your kid's imagination fully take over their nook and they'll fall more in love with reading than ever before.

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