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How to Style Your Bedroom with a Tufted Bed

If you’re in the market for a bed that will bring both comfort and class to your bedroom, you need a tufted bed. This type of furniture has a soft headboard that is not only padded, but also tufted — which means the fabric is threaded together and secured with either a button or a knot. This style results in an elegant look for any bedroom. So, without furhter ado: keep on reading to discover our top upholstered headboard ideas for tufted, timeless looks.

Focus on Fabric

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when browsing tufted beds is which fabric you want on the headboard. Your options might range from soft velvet or microfiber to luxe linen or faux leather. Just think about the type of feel you want on your back and head when you’re relaxing in bed with a good book in hand or your favorite show on TV.

Then consider what color you want the material to be. Do you want it to match the rest of your bedroom, or provide a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room?

In this bedroom with a grey upholstered headboard, details are everything.

Determine the Details You Want

As you shop for a tufted bed, you may notice a few small details that might make one bed stand out above all the rest.

For example, some beds offer storage options with a pullout drawer, which should be perfect for when you have limited space in your bedroom and need to squeeze in storage solutions.

Others focus more on the design details than practical offerings. For instance, some have button tufting, while others create a pattern with the tufting, such as diamond shapes across the headboard. And while some headboards are straight across, others are arched or have a fancy rolled top.

Style It Right

Keep in mind that you should choose the design that best suits your personal tastes and the style of your home. In general, simple bedrooms with grey upholstered beds or modern beds with simple, straight lines tend to have a contemporary feel, and they look best when you stick with the minimalist style through a soft comforter and a couple of pillows.

On the other hand, beds with more curves, arches and ornate details look best in homes with traditional décor. You can play up this look with an elegant comforter and lots of decorative pillows piled in front of the headboard of your traditional tufted bed.

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