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How to Buy an Upholstered Bed

Few things are as important as a good night’s sleep, and owning a gorgeous upholstered bed can make turning in for the night seem like a dream come true. An upholstered bed, for the uninitiated, distinguishes itself with its fabric-wrapped bed frame, which creates a warm and cozy appearance. Many types of upholstered beds are available, and to find the ideal style for you requires a closer look at some defining features. Here’s a quick overview to help you narrow down the search.

The Best (and Worst) of Upholstered Beds

Is an upholstered bed appropriate for your lifestyle? The softness of the fabric offers benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, you can revel in the luxury and statement-making style of a plush headboard. On the other, care may be more of a factor if you snack in bed or have pets that dig or scratch. Unlike metal and wood beds, cloth can stain and rip. Some types of fabric are more durable than others, so look for these if you think you may need them.

Kid- and Pet-Friendly Materials

Resilient fabrics made to withstand splatters and rough-housing are good choices for (pet) parents. Textured fabrics and patterned weaves (think nubby linens, herringbone, and variegated shades) camouflage day-to-day wear and tear, and a faux leather headboard is easy to wipe clean but could tear under kitty’s and puppy’s claws. Velvet and microfiber are sumptuous, and most cats find these fabrics to be less than optimal for scratching.

Upholstered Style for Miles

Not all upholstered beds look the same. Choose between a straight-backed, modern upholstered headboard and a more traditional headboard with button-tufting and a frame that curves around the sleeper. If you prefer an alternative to tufting, consider nontraditional geometric designs using nail heads. Most upholstered beds today use platform frames (which eschew the need for a box spring), sitting low to the ground with minimal space underneath. If you treasure under-the-bed storage, consider bed risers to lift your frame.

Caring for Your Upholstered Bed

Since even the most meticulous individuals can spill occasionally, and our skin and hair oils lead to color changes over time, knowing how to care for your upholstered bed will protect your purchase for years to come. Vacuum fabric regularly and steam clean if you have that feature. Applying fabric cleaner spray clears away odors and freshens your space. Blot, don’t rub, stains and clean with mild soap and water.
Buying a bed frame is a big decision, one you will enjoy every night for many years. By choosing an upholstered bed, you can rest easy knowing you made an excellent decision that feels intimate, inviting, and luxurious.

Best Upholstered Beds

We’re laying it out in the open: here are the best upholstered beds of the year!
Best Feature: Velvet
Size: 69.7"W x 87.8"D x 64.5"H
Verified Customer Review: "The Topanga bed is amazing. I just replaced my old bed with this one and I am so glad I took the leap. It is sleek and modern. I love the material as it's easy to clean and vacuum." - KWAS
Best Feature: Center support
Size: 67.3"W x 89.5"D x 45.5"H
Verified Customer Review: "Love it! This bed delivers-great quality, great price point. Our room feels and looks new! With enough room under the bed to clean the floor." - MCA17
Best Feature: Hand-applied diamond tufting
Size: 66.5" x 88.25" x 58.7"
Verified Customer Review: "The picture is an accurate representation. I had found this bed over a year ago and it was one of the only beds I found on the internet where the headboard was tufted and the footboard was not. This is exactly what we wanted. The fabric is pretty soft." - MarkN
Best Feature: Center support
Size: 85.8" x 88.5" x 63.8"
Verified Customer Review: "This bed is stunning! High quality and classes up my master bedroom. Slight delivery delay due to COVID, but Living Spaces was transparent and delivered on time as promised. I love my bed!" - JN1975

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