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Styling your dresser with chic décor is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your unique personality into your bedroom; here’s exactly how to do it – without creating a cluttered feel.

1. Embrace Clean Elegance.

As with all elements of interior design, when styling your dresser, it is better to err on the side of minimalism. Try to resist the urge to display on your dresser surface every trinket, knick-knack or souvenir you can find – no matter how pretty it may be! Choosing, instead, just two or three of your favorite bedroom accents will create an easy center of focus – and clean, refreshed style.
For a calm, relaxing aesthetic, restrict decorative elements to two or three shades of one neutral color.
Stack elegant coffee table books for timeless style – and leave one of them open for a trendy, unexpected spin!

2. Show Off Your Eclectic Treasures.

Keeping your dresser surface tidy and simple does not have to mean ‘boring.’ Add unique style to your bedroom by incorporating onto your dresser unexpected designs, textures and colors.

Mix and match vintage vases with a sleek contemporary tray for a bohemian-inspired feel.
Create symmetry – with an edge – by placing matching ceramic lamps on a dresser and nightstand of different heights.

3. Add a Stand-Out Backdrop.

The pieces you choose to put on your dresser will mean nothing if they are easy to miss because of a dull or harsh wall; look for attention-grabbing paintings to balance out your dresser with added height and create a crisp backdrop for your décor.
Vertical lines in the painting on the dresser pictured to the right draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of an elongated, more open space.

4. Go Darker for More Warmth.

The darker the furniture, the warmer the space. This rule applies to all areas of the home – including the bedroom and dresser.
Not only does this dresser evoke warmth – so does the brown, ivory and charcoal decor atop it.
Bring out warmth by contrast: pair a dark dresser with a refreshing white planter and mirror.
The role of warmth in the bedroom is pivotal for a good night’s sleep. When drifting off to slumber, the last colors you’ll see before your eyelids close should feel soothing, comforting and familiar – exactly what you get with browns, greys, and yellow-tinted whites. Try a brown dresser with off-white decor on top or vice versa. When you choose the right color palette and stick to it, a dreamy, restful ambiance awaits!

5. Get Lively.

Liven up a dresser with plants. Houseplants or faux plants give any bedroom’s style a reason to sing.
Plants aren’t the only types of life you can incorporate into a dresser aesthetic and neither are things that are only currently alive. Look to things once alive – an oyster’s shells, sea star or coral preserved as artifacts of the past to bring a quiet, peaceful edge to a bedroom.

6. Try Geometrics.

Geometric sculptures aren’t just for modern art museums. Place a shape on a dresser or boudoir for a chic aesthetic – bonus points if it’s in the form of a bowl, box, vase or other practical item! In terms of color, neutrals will allow the shape to take, well, shape!
Don’t be a square – be a square, rectangle, hexagon and every other geometric shape!

7. Show Off Your Interests.

While we do love them, we’ll also admit that home decor items like vases and wall art can only say so much. To really bring your interests on display, choose items from your past or passed down to you from your ancestors as bedroom/dresser decor.
Try unique items like vintage record players or genre records. Let your nerd flag fly – a dresser is yours to play with, after all!

8. Strike Color Contrast.

There’s a time and place for monochrome, and as we see it, the bedroom isn’t one of them. Bolden up a dresser with contrasting object colors.
Here, cream dresser decor brings out the deep grains of the brown wood dresser.
For a pop of color, go gold – but tone it down with a matte finish.

9. Use Drawer Pulls as Accents.

Dresser decor isn’t just about what’s on top. Pay attention to knobs, handles and pulls, as these can change the entire look of a dresser’s aesthetic in a bedroom.
On a white canvas, silver pulls add a touch of sophistication.
Chrome or nickel pulls offer a subtle stride towards peaceful dresser ambiance.

10. Get Lost in the Woods.

Turn a new leaf in your dresser decor – and while you’re turning the leaf, go for the whole branch . . . and trunk. Wood offers warmth, comfort and rustic vibes, perfect for a bedroom space.
Hanging animal art brings out the lodge/farmland/prairie vibes that are intrinsic to wood’s style meanings.
This grey-painted room – including grey dresser – plays along with the white dresser decor to create a relaxed space.

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