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Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Follow these seven simple laundry room decorating ideas to keep your laundry room refreshed and refined – yet totally relaxed!

1. Trim with Shelves

One of the easiest ways to keep a laundry room looking tidy, fresh and pulled together – without taking up floor space – is through shelving. Whether you need the extra storage area or simply want a way to display your favorite accent pieces, a good shelf placed above or opposite the washing machine adds effortless depth. Go with distressed wood for rustic chic or a shiny metal for a sleek, contemporary finish.

Tip: When adorned with decorative accents, two or three staggered shelves will soften a blank white wall with a touch of definition and a whole lot of charm.

2. Accent with a Bench

Because laundry rooms tend to run on the smaller side, the slender shape of a simple laundry bench is a laundry room must-have. Whether you use it for stacking piles of folded clothes or showing off a decorative basket (or both!), a well-built bench can open up even the tiniest of spaces with a fresh, breezy ambience.

Tip: To keep a light air, stick with organic materials and soft neutrals.

3. Refine with a Rug

If your laundry room’s style feels like it’s lacking something, but you simply don’t have the wall or counter space for any more accents, consider an area rug. Choose from fresh shades of white, beige or grey, bold patterns and cozy textures for a homey – yet effortlessly pulled-together – feel.

Tip: Contrast white walls with a grey or beige rug (and vice versa).

4. Organize with Baskets

Step up your laundry room’s storage game with chic, oversized baskets – preferably made of coastal elements like jute or seagrass for a lighthearted take on classic hampers. You can even tie a decorative tag around the handle of each one to determine easily the clean clothes pile from the dirty. Set them on a laundry room bench, counter or the washing machine itself, along with other laundry room staples – such as cleaning supplies, coin trays and glass jars for powder detergent.

Tip: Let no detail go unnoticed! If you keep your cat or dog’s food in the laundry room, store it in a chic distressed metal canister.

5. Perk Up with Paintings

Refresh dull wall space with a couple (or three, or four!) pieces of laundry room wall art. For a contemporary look, opt for sleek abstract works in bold, energizing hues like cherry red or sunshine yellow; for a more calming effect, go for deep blues and neutrals.

Tip: When hanging your wall art, give yourself some versatility. Consider arranging four smaller frames together to form a larger square; this will free up more of your wall space for even more of your favorite pieces.

6. Freshen Up with Foliage

Whether they are real or simply pictures, trees, flowers and greenery in general can liven a mood – and effortlessly elevate any laundry room’s style. Place a small cactus or other succulent as an accent on a shelf among your other décor or – if you have the appropriate natural lighting – a larger, potted plant near the doorway.

Tip: For windowless laundry rooms without access to natural light, incorporate hints of earthy greens through hand-painted ceramic vases or wall art featuring nature scenes.

7. Cozy Up with Comfort

The laundry room may be the freshest space in your home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be the coziest! A velvety-soft throw blanket spread over a countertop – or even hung on a wall – offsets sleek surfaces with luscious comfort.

Tip: To give your laundry room cozy textures without weighing down a light ambiance, choose breezy colors like white or beige.

8. Get Detailed

If you’re in the laundry room, chances are it’s because you’re hard at work. Folding clothes, hanging clothes, loading the wash – it’s definitely the room dedicated to chores! Why not liven up the energy with a dash of whimsical decor?

Tip: Whether you prefer animal figurines or the more abstract varieties, a little bit of detail goes a long way!

9. Clock In

No laundry room is complete without the face of a pretty clock staring you down while you fold clothes – and more importantly, reminding you when your shift is over!

Tip: Opt for a classic blue shade like the one pictured above for a fresh ‘laundry-room’ feel.

10. Make a Splash

No color is as clean, fresh and energizing as blue. In nature, it’s the color of a freshwater lake on a radiant summer’s day, Hydrangea petals glistening with dew on an autumn’s morning, and the spring sky just before the sunset. Truly, is there any color you’d rather be surrounded by in the laundry room?

Tip: If you don’t want to paint an entire wall blue, then go for a portion of a wall – like the strip of space between two wall shelves. 

11. Balance the Energy

Of course, we’ve all heard of the woman who went too hard on decorating with ‘splashes’ of blue: she drowned her laundry room with more than the recommended ‘splash,’ and as a result, she got lost in a sea of blue every time she entered her laundry room. It often took her hours of ‘swimming’ around to try to find her way back through the door.

Tip: The moral of the story here is balance. Balance color with neutral decor – warm, brown laundry wall decor is a great place to start!

Best Rugs for Laundry Room

No matter the size of your home, the laundry room will always be the smallest room. Average dimensions span about five feet by seven feet, so placing a rug involves strategy. Measure the rug to make sure it will fit, and choose rugs that serve to make the space feel more spacious (instead of less). The best rugs will be light in color (white, blue and grey are perfect for the laundry room) and short in pile (too much shag will feel stuffy on hot days).

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