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10 Minimalist Design Trends

These days, minimalist aesthetic is more popular than ever. Whether you’re looking to refine the look of your entire home or simply want to refresh a dull corner, learn what’s currently trending in the world of modern minimalism, with these 10 easy minimalist décor tips and minimalist decor ideas.

1. Tapered Legs

The pinnacle of mid-century modern style, the tapered leg packs a lot of flair into a minimal silhouette.

Minimalist Interior Design Tip: Keep materials organic and colors light for a breezy, minimalistic feel. Remember that this design works for a variety of pieces, including minimalist dining chairs, desks, and more.

2. Exposed Structural Elements

Minimalism meets industrial chic when you pair rustic materials like metal and wood. To up the industrial-minimal vibes, look for minimalist console tables and other pieces that expose structural elements like screws and frames.

Minimalist Living Room Tip: To keep a minimalistic industrial-chic style from feeling too rugged, add some texture with a soft rug or throw.

3. Symmetrical Art

Wall art doesn’t have to be the focal point of a room in order for it to deliver stunning style; for quiet minimalism at its chicest, style two soft paintings – or ‘barely-there’ pencil sketches – in a side-by-side gallery. Tip: Subjects in minimalist wall art should bring peaceful vibes for a relaxed air. Try hanging on or two against white walls above a side table in a small living room.

4. Tight-Back Seating

Say ‘goodbye’ to fluffy, fussy cushions and ‘hello’ to sleek minimalism with the clean lines and bold silhouette of a tight-back accent chair.  Tip: Minimalist chairs or tight-back seating can still be cozy – and, in some models, even more so than in cushioned chairs! Look for quality fabrics and ergonomic designs to ensure you get the most out of minimalistic comfort.

5. Geometric Pillows

In minimalist décor, bold doesn’t have to mean busy, as proved by simple geometric patterns on decorative throw pillows. Tip: Currently trending in the world of minimalism are tiny patterns; incorporate them wherever you feel inspired!

6. Bare-Bones Lighting

In a minimalist home that embraces the edgier side of ‘less is more,’ lamps and pendants without any shades offer sleek, industrial-chic contrast.

Tip: If the look of a bare chandelier or pendant is too minimalistic for your style, consider a see-through shade for a softer – yet still minimalistic – touch.

7. Minimalist Home Mirror Art

Minimalism may embrace sleek lines and understated style, but it also loves the occasional element of surprise. Look for unexpected minimalist home decor designs in bold textures – like distressed mirrors! – for a bold spin on minimalistic flair.

Tip: If you’re styling a mirror with a distressed finish, keep the frames a sleek metallic color to keep a minimalistic focus.

8. The All-Purpose Ottoman

Whether you push it in front of the sofa as an elegant coffee table or leave it to the side as a functional end seat, the clean lines and soft shade of a neutral ottoman embrace the ‘less is more’ mentality of modern minimalism.

Tip: Place a black coffee table book on a white ottoman for bold minimalist design contrast and a subtle pop of color.

9. Abstract Figurines

Minimalism may be no-frills, but that does not mean it has to be no fun. Play with the intriguing designs of abstract figurines to create a chic centerpiece for a minimalist dresser, coffee table or mantelpiece.

Tip: Make your minimalist decor figurines stand out by placing metallic hues on rustic surfaces.

10. Double-Duty Storage Beds

Nothing says ‘minimalism’ like streamlined designs, and nowhere are designs more streamlined than in a space-saving, double-duty storage bed.

Tip: As long as they're kept in a neutral, solid hue, bedspreads on minimalist bed frames or storage beds can be totally fluffy and completely cozy, and still keep a minimalistic aesthetic.

What Is Minimalism and Minimalist Style?

The minimalist look style is gaining traction as society becomes more and more stressed and small spaces become more and more popular. Similair to the trendy Scandinavian style, a minimalist space will include benchmarks of clean lines, lack of clutter and a wall decor color palette devoted to one or two colors (and no more). Unlike boho and maximalist styles, this look focuses on a defined lack of objects.`Overall, the idea is simple: declutter, live simply, remove unneeded objects in your room decor, stick to neutral colors and enjoy a calmer, more focused life.

Minimalist Style Interior Design Decor Ideas

Even more clutter-free minimalist design ideas for all living spaces, minimalist furniture ideas and minimalist home decor ideas.

Minimalist decor bedroom ideas for the minimalist nightstand

Modern minimalist decor states that life's design style shoud be uncomplicated. The best way to live out this mantra is in the bedroom, where sleep should come easily and waking up should feel peaceful. Start with a quality nightstand; look for clean lines, simple, spacious drawers and a smooth, solid-color finish. Instead of two nightstands, on on each side of the bed, opt for just one, and replace the second nightstand with a space-saving floor lamp. Finally, consider a minimalist art piece above the nightstand to create balance.

The minimalist coffee table for living room

It's where your guests will gather 'round, so make it a hub for a calm interior design style and simplicity. Opt for serene tabletop decor for a coffee table, such as a stained glass vase with a floral stem, or an abstract figurine. As for the table itself, try wood, metal or glass with straight edges and smooth surfaces. If you have a bookshelf in the same room, make sure the materials match for sleek cohesion.

The minimalist couch for living room home decor

Go small or go home, because smaller means less space to be taken up (and more space means more air to roam in and live simply). Try a loveseat instead of a couch, and if you need a couch, look for smaller options that seat two (instead of the more common three). 

The minimalist dining table decor ideas

The minimalist dining table is all-practical. It's there to serve food, keep guests comfortable and provide a place to rest glassware, vases and even tired arms. Quality over quantity is ideal. If a budget is forcing you to make a decision between size and material, opt for the smaller design or DIY in a more luxe material, such as pine or oak wood.

The minimalist bar stool

A drink after work doesn't have to be in a pub or bar, it can be right at home with a friend or two – given you've got the furniture for it! Minimalist styles are easy to buy and setup, take up little space and make comfortable seating. Try backless designs or wooden designs (or both).

The minimalist end table for minimalist bedroom and living room

End tables make great companions to sofas, and, if you're truly all-in on the minimalist bandwagon, can even replace a coffee table! They're small, so shouldn't be overcrowded with decor: opt for one DIY decorative touch and leave the rest of an end table's surface empty for simplicity.

The minimalist bench

Speaking of replacements, a bench replaces a sofa in minimalist style, every time. This is the perfect option for entryways or small apartments with not a lot of space. (Opt for a bench with a backrest for comfort.) Since benches are small and angular in framework by definition, you don't have to worry about whether yours is "minimalist enough" – the very fact that it's a bench means it will surely fit in with a minimalist decorating style! 

The minimalist daybed for bedroom decor

The minimalist daybed will feature track arms (straight arms, without curves or rolling), a clean backrest (without tufting or ruching) and straight legs (without tapering). Try it in a solid hue, preferably neutral!

Design tips for the minimalist bar cart

The minimalist bar cart should be simple, so that the focus is on the drinks! Keep glass wine bottles and more on a metal, unpainted surface. Super-minimalist styles won't come with wheels, but act as more of a stationary bar than cart, altogether.

The minimalist sideboard

Although you may want your dining room to feel as open and spacious as possible, so that you can live simply and breathe in unobstructed air, the reality is that you'll probably find you need storage. The solution is the minimalist sideboard, which doesn't take up much space, gives you the storage you need and fits in with an overall "simple living" mentality. Top off with a touch of simple greenery for a complete vibe.

The minimalist kitchen island for a minimalist home

Like the sideboard, the idea of the kitchen island may not exactly be a minimalist-lover's dream, since it takes up more floor space than you may want to part with. If you need the storage, though, you're going to have to come to terms with owning one, so look for small, portable designs with clever organization cells to keep the vibe as simple as possible. Above, make sure to intall light fixtures – the added light will brighten the island and overall space for a fresh, bigger, airier feel.

The minimalist ottoman for a minimalist home

Like in our bench section above, we declare that ottomans are, by very nature, minimalist. They're easy to move, come in basic shapes and can be used for any purpose you can imagine. If you want to create a minimalist house decor aesthetic, go with an ottoman (any ottoman, because every ottoman is minimalist by design)!

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