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9 Wall Mirror Decorating Ideas

Gone are the days when reflective glass was merely a tool people used to get ready in the mornings. Now, it's so much more, as proved by these nine innovative wall mirror decorating ideas!

1. On the Floor

No one says you have to hang a mirror, so go for the unexpected by placing it on the floor and leaning it against the wall; for contrast and definition, pair it with a chic rug. You can also layer three or four mirrors to create a bold, eclectic gallery!

2. In the Entryway

There is no easier way to make an entryway feel open and relaxed, but also pulled-together, than with a crisp, stunning mirror. Pair it with a vase full of fresh flowers and opposite a large window for an effortless way to reflect the energy of natural daylight and sweet botanicals.

3. In a Row

A living room mirror doesn’t have to be a single, traditional mirror – it can be three! Opt for surprise style and a pulled-together, symmetrical aesthetic by styling three small mirrors in a row. To seal in the modern look, consider ‘art mirrors’ (mirrors decorated with bold shades and patterns).

rope mirror

4. On a Rope

Embrace ‘country-chic’ by hanging a mirror on a rope! Bonus points if styled with rustic décor – like a bold ram skull! – and above a warm leather loveseat.

5. Above a Mantelpiece

Placing a large mirror above a mantelpiece is a timeless classic – but it does not have to be boring! Go for a trendy shape – like an oval or hexagon – to open up the room while creating a sleek point of focus for chic style.

mirror furniture

6. In the Furniture

Break all preconceived notions of what a mirror should be – by choosing mirror furniture! Whether it is a mirrored nightstand or desk, or even something as simple as a coffee table tray, mirrors in unexpected places bring a touch of glamour – and a whole lot of charm. To complete the feminine aesthetic, style it next to a soft floral rug or a dainty gold stool.

7. As “Mirror Art”

A mirror doesn’t have to be just a tool for reflection – it can also be a stunning work of art in and of itself, as demonstrated by the mirror panel pictured above. For a vintage-inspired vibe, opt for distressed finishes and slender iron frames.

8. Above a Daybed 

There is nothing quite as rustic or charming as a good old-fashioned daybed, and a strong mirror to go right above it. The mirror pictured above, crafted from organic wood, offers an easy point of contrast from the patterns and colors of the walls and rug.

9. With Wood and Metal

For an industrial look with a bit of an edge, look for a mirror frame made of organic materials like wood and metal. Pair it with a black leather side chair and a matching bookcase for a cohesive aesthetic.

wood and metal mirror

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