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19 Wall Mirror Decorating Ideas

Gone are the days when reflective glass was merely a tool people used to get ready in the mornings. Now, it's so much more, as proved by these nineteen innovative wall mirror decorating ideas!

1. On the Floor

No one says you have to hang a mirror, so go for the unexpected by placing it on the floor and leaning it against the wall; for contrast and definition, pair it with a chic rug. You can also layer three or four mirrors to create a bold, eclectic gallery!

2. In the Entryway

There is no easier way to make an entryway feel open and relaxed, but also pulled-together, than with a crisp, stunning mirror. Pair it with a vase full of fresh flowers and opposite a large window for an effortless way to reflect the energy of natural daylight and sweet botanicals.

3. In a Row

A living room mirror doesn’t have to be a single, traditional mirror – it can be three! Opt for surprise style and a pulled-together, symmetrical aesthetic by styling three small mirrors in a row. To seal in the modern look, consider ‘art mirrors’ (mirrors decorated with bold shades and patterns).

rope mirror

4. On a Rope

Embrace ‘country-chic’ by hanging a mirror on a rope! Bonus points if styled with rustic décor – like a bold ram skull! – and above a warm leather loveseat.

5. Above a Mantelpiece

Placing a large mirror above a mantelpiece is a timeless classic – but it does not have to be boring! Go for a trendy shape – like an oval or hexagon – to open up the room while creating a sleek point of focus for chic style.

Bedroom mirror ideas

Shopping for bedroom mirrors is often more of a necessity than a style inquiry. If you're looking to bring one home, measure the space above your dresser, then get down to your style preferences. Wood frames, unpainted, offer rustic-chic vibes, especially if it's a lighter wood such as ash or birch; metal frames, on the other hand, offer more industrial or glam vibes.

Mirror frame ideas

For any room of the house, a mirror is the one decorative staple that offers more value than all other decor types combined. Mirrors are tools for reflection-checking, light-enhancers for dark rooms and style accessories; while the first two depend on the mirror itself, the third depends on the frame. Look for frames that enhance your aesthetic by opting for texturized woods, glossy metals, tilework or mosaic artistry and more.

How to make a mirror wall

The perfect mirror wall should feel like an art gallery. It should be filled with unique pieces that are visually striking and blend in with the surrounding scenery. To make your own, mix and match frame styles. Woods with metals, circles with squares – the more different each piece is from the others, the better!

Mirror frame decorating ideas

A growing trend is the "shelf mirror," wherein the mirror's frame is composed of small shelves or compartments. These types are designed to let you customize the mirror with your own decor; fill such a design with small figurines, bottles, decorative boxes and picture frames. (For a bolder look, fill in any empty spaces in a frame with small mirrored tiles – for a 'mirror within mirrors'!)

mirror furniture

6. In the Furniture

Break all preconceived notions of what a mirror should be – by choosing mirror furniture! Whether it is a mirrored nightstand or desk, or even something as simple as a coffee table tray, mirrors in unexpected places bring a touch of glamour – and a whole lot of charm. To complete the feminine aesthetic, style it next to a soft floral rug or a dainty gold stool.

7. As “Mirror Art”

A mirror doesn’t have to be just a tool for reflection – it can also be a stunning work of art in and of itself, as demonstrated by the mirror panel (a wall of mirrors) pictured above. For a vintage-inspired mirror gallery wall vibe, opt for distressed finishes and slender iron frames.

8. Above a Daybed 

There is nothing quite as rustic or charming as a good old-fashioned daybed, and a strong mirror to go right above it. The mirror pictured above, crafted from organic wood, offers an easy point of contrast from the patterns and colors of the walls and rug.

Round mirror decor ideas

Round shapes are gentler and more freespirited than angular. Take a cue from curved edges by incorporating soft, natural colors and boho-inspired decor to match these shapes. Prime example: arrange cream-colored vases brimming with greenery on a console table under a circle mirror with a rattan frame!

How to decorate a wall mirror

Whether round, square, oval, hexagonal, octagonal, pentagonal, triangular (you get the idea) . . . mirrors have a way about them that enhances the decor that surrounds them. Sometimes, though, a particular mirror frame clashes with a nearby color, material or pattern, so stick with similar aesthetics and styles to make sure everything matches and creates a smooth vibe. A wood frame over a wood console table or a metal frame over a metal console table is always the safe way to maintain style (and, not to mention, looks effortlessly beautiful).

9. With Wood and Metal

For an industrial look with a bit of an edge, look for a mirror frame made of organic materials like wood and metal. Pair it with a black leather side chair and a matching bookcase for a cohesive aesthetic.

wood and metal mirror

Mirror art ideas

One of the more unique trends we're seeing this year is mirror art, which entails artwork painted over a mirror, with bits of the mirror peeking through brushstrokes. These designs are mostly used for art alone and not as practical mirrors. While you can invest in a piece by a professional artist, the other route is to make your own, which can actually be quite easy with a little practice. (To DIY, start off small: use mirror-safe paint to apply a couple of flowers or other pretty symbols along the sides of a mirror, with or without the help of printout pattern or template!)

How to decorate a mirror with flowers

If you want to use real flowers, decorating a mirror is basically about the space above and below the mirror. Below, arrange an accent table with a vase, in which the flowers will go. (This is the easiest way!) Above the mirror (the harder but more worthwile way), use wall decor to bring out the mirror's frame: a string or garland of flowers floating above the mirror or forming to the mirror's shape is a fresh additon to the aesthetic.

10. In a Dining Room

The dining room is the most elegant room of the house: it's where dinner parties are held and formal silverware and decor are presented. The timelessness of a beautiful wall mirror only adds to this appeal.

11. As a Hall Rack

A mirror with hooks is a godsend for those with busy schedules. Use them to hang up coats, bags, key lanyards and even your "to-go" water bottles and thermoses!

DIY mirror wall decor ideas

The DIY route may cost you time, but the money you save in the long run makes it worth it. (Not to mention, DIY-ing is simply fun!) For wall decor, DIYers' favorites include painting an old mirror frame in a fresh coat of a fresh color: trends nowadays include pastels and deep metallics.

How to decorate a mirror frame

Another way to decorate a frame of the mirror withot actually touching or tampering with the frame is to use surrounding wall decor. Incorporating the mirror as a part of a larger art gallery, filled with tapestries, floating shelves, canvas art and photographs, will bring out the finer edges and details of the mirror's frame that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. This idea works well for long hallways and large empty spaces of wall, such as above a couch.

12.  Along a Staircase

Make the trips up and down the stairs a little less boring and a little more fun with glamorous mirrors. Mirrors, after all, elevate your space (in the same way that stairs do)!

13. As Natural Decor

A mirror may be the sign of elegance, but that doesn't mean it can't fit in with natural decor. Whether you use glass to enhance natural decor or natural decor to make glass feel more casual – either way, you have nothing to lose!

14. As Layers

Mirror-layering is as much of a sport as any! The rules of the game are simple: find two mirrors of different sizes and arrange them together for height contrast (and pretty decor)!

How to decorate a mirror wall

A mirror wall and a wall mirror sound like the same thing, but they, in fact, are not. The former is an entire gallery, while the latter is a single object. Use the former in a home with balanced decor: contrast mirror frames and incorporate both floor decor (a rugs, an accent table) and ceiling decor (a chandelier, a hanging planter) to seal in the entire aesthetic from all sides. 

Ways to decorate a mirror

Decorate a mirror through decorative objects. Arrange a matching mirrored vase on a console table, for instance. The space immediately to the right and left of a mirror is also critical for decor, so consider additional hangings such as a wall tapestry, clock and signage.

15. With Traditional Details

Let 2022 get inspired by 1822 (in a good way!). Centuries-long traditions, starting with fine metals and ornate silhouettes, set the tone for a beautiful aesthetic.

16. As Bigger Statements

Small is cute; big is statement. instead of the standard wall mirror designs for living room, opt for the kind that can only fit on the floor! Lean against walls to create a relaxed vibe.

17. For 'Glam-Inspired'

For when you want your home to feel like a portal to showmanship, luxury and sophistication, silver and gold mirrors are the keys to the portal! Look for frames that are just as glossy and shiny as the mirror itself for maximum glam impact.

18. In a Bedroom

When the early sun peers through your curtains, waking up beautiful comes naturally. Give yourself permission to catch a glimpse of your morning beauty through a well-placed mirror!

19. For Lighter Style

Dark is edgy, which is why paint colors like black and charcoal are all the rage right now. Dark, though, can get overpowering; the best remedy is decorating walls with mirror designs to reflect light (without detracting from the edginess!).

Even More Good Stuff! (How to Decorate a Mirror + Wall Mirror Ideas)

More mirror ideas

Other ideas for the home include mirrored walls (in which an entire wall is a mirror, or a mirror acts as an entire wall), mirrored closet doors and outdoor mirrors. (Of these, outdoor mirors are the easiest and least expensive way to incorporate a fresh mirror design; mirrored walls and doors will almost always require several trips to the hardware store and/or in-home consultations.) Try the outdoor mirror: in a shaded area, such as under an awning or patio covering, hang up an indoor mirror on an outdoor wall, for an eclectic, indoors-out feel!

Mirror decoration ideas for living room

The living room, a place of rest, play and (sometimes) eating, should be all about balance. If you want to include mirror decor, go for symmetry; make sure each side of the mirror is balanced out with similar-sized objects, such as two art pieces of the same size. If you want to style the mirror and only the mirror, make sure it's centered – each side should have the same amount of wall space! 

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