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Everything Customers Ask About Queen Sized Beds

Queen sized beds require specific requirements for box springs, sheets and more. Learn all about it here.

What are the dimensions of a Queen bed?

The size of a Queen size bed is 60” W x 80” D, so that it can fully support a Queen size mattress. However, because of differences in styles and features like storage and trundles, not all Queen beds will feature the same overall width, depth and height.

Can a Queen Size Bed Fit Two People?

Yes, a Queen size is designed for 1-2 adults. For one person, it allows maximum space to stretch out in, and for two people it still offers comfortable dimensions.

Queen Beds vs. Double Beds

The Queen size is longer than the Double, 5", to be exact – and 6" longer.

How deep is a Queen mattress?

Because of factors like extra cushioning and material type, the depth for Queen mattresses isn’t standard across the board. So, how do you know which Queen bed will properly support your Queen-sized mattress? Measure the depth of your mattress, and look for beds with side railings that will leave no more than a few inches of the top of the mattress exposed. Of course, if the side railings are deep enough that they completely cover the entire depth of you mattress, that’s fine, too!

How deep should fitted sheets be for a Queen bed?

To ensure that a set of sheets will fit and stay secure around the mattress in your Queen sized bed, opt for Queen sheets – which will have a standard size of 60” x 80” – with a depth that’s the same or a few inches more than the depth of your mattress. The closer the depth of the sheets are to the depth of the mattress, the more snugly they will fit, and the less likely they will be to move around or fall off.

What kind of foundation do I need with a Queen bed?

The best type of foundation for a Queen bed will depend on how many slats your Queen bed has. Six slats or more, and you won’t need as much support – since the bed is built in such a way that the slats alone will provide a solid foundation for a mattress. Five slats or less, and you’ll need a box spring, foundation or adjustable base.

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