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Here’s Why Every Mattress Needs a Mattress Protector

A new mattress is an investment you’ll want to protect for years to come – but without a mattress protector, this can be extremely difficult to impossible. Whether you’re looking to protect a child’s Twin or a larger mattress for a Cal King or Eastern King bed, here’s what you need to know on how a mattress protector works – and why every new mattress needs one.

1. A mattress protector will protect your warranty

Almost every type of warranty that comes with a mattress is automatically voided if the mattress is stained. Since mattress protectors are designed to wick moisture away from the mattress, they decrease the chance of stains occurring and help ensure your warranty remains active. For the Revive Sleep Center specifically, purchasing a mattress protector on the same invoice as your mattress automatically protects your warranty for the next 10 years.

2. A mattress protector helps keep your mattress clean

Without a mattress protector, dust mites, grime and even mold can seep deep into the cells of your mattress – and stay there forever. Not only can this damage the construction of the mattress and how it feels to you, it can also compromise your health.

3. A mattress protector helps keep dust and other allergens away from your mattress.

Like a magnet for dust, dust mites, mold, and even pet dander, a bare mattress can trap and harbor allergens that make it difficult to breathe easily and get the sleep you need.

4. Some mattress protectors are designed to keep your mattress cool

If you tend to wake up during the night due to overheating, consider a cooling mattress protector. Along with all the same qualities as a standard protector (to repel allergens and keep your mattress clean), a cooling mattress protector is designed with dynamic sleep technology to deflect heat and regulate core body temperature.

Do You Need a Mattress Protector?

If you have a mattress, it needs a mattress protector. Acting as a buffer between you and your mattress, protectors are the best fight against dust, dust mites and bacteria. This works both ways: all that gross stuff is kept out of your mattress — and a mattress that isn't harboring all that gross stuff makes it easier to keep you clean and healthy.

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