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Bed Sheets Buying Guide

For a great night's sleep, the perfect mattress needs the perfect set of sheets. Check out these tips to help you find your best sheet size, material and more.

Bed Sheet Sizes

bed sheet sizes

Making sure your bed sheets properly fit around your mattress plays a huge role in how comfortable they will feel when it comes time to sleep in them. Check out the chart below for some of the most common sheet set sizes – but keep in mind that exact numbers will sometimes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Bed Sheet Sizes Chart

  Twin  Full  Queen  King  Cal King  King Split  Cal King Split 
Flat Sheet   71"x96"  86"x96"  96”x102”  110”x102”  105”x106”  110”x102”  105”x106”
Fitted Sheet   39”x75”x18”  54”x75”x18”  60”x80”x18”  78”x80”x18”  72”x84”x18  39”x80”x18”  36”x84”x18”
Pillowcase   20”x30”  20”x30”  20”x30”  20”x40”  20”x40”  20”x40”  20”x40”

What is a Deep Pocket Sheet?

Deep pocket sheets are specially designed to fit extra-deep mattresses, mattresses with adjustable bases or any other bed design that requires a customized fit. Common dimensions of deep pocket sheets range anywhere from 15 inches to 22 inches deep.

What Are High Thread Count Sheets?

In bed sheets, a high thread count means that the sheet is made up of more threads or fibers than average. When it comes to bed sheets, one of the biggest misconceptions is that higher thread count equals higher quality. In reality, quality comes from the type of thread.

What Is the Best Material for Bed Sheets?

Cotton, cotton blend and polyester are three of the most common bed sheet material types.
Here's what each of them means, and how it can affect the way you sleep.

  • Cotton blend: Cotton blend sheets are made from 100% cotton with a synthetic material – usually polyester or rayon. Thanks to its natural-synthetic combination, cotton blend sheets offer the best of breathability, comfort and durability.
  • Cotton: Made from 100% cotton, cotton sheets bring an extra-soft feel (but do not necessarily translate into extra-breathable). To make sure 100% cotton sheets will keep your bed ventilated and cool, look for designs that employ micro air passageways or use the CFM rating system.
  • Polyester: While sheets made completely from a synthetic material – such as rayon or polyester – will not provide as 'soft' of a feel as a cotton or cotton blend sheet set, they set the standard for durability and easy maintenance.
bed sheet material

What Is the CFM Rating for Bed Sheets?

Bed sheet CFM rating

The CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating measures the rate of airflow. The standard rating system for vacuum industries, CFM is one of the most innovative ways of incorporating the concept of cooling technology into bed sheet designs. While high thread count is an important factor to consider for those living in colder climates and looking for extra warmth, it does little in the way of providing lightweight breathability. The CFM certification ensures your new bed sheets are designed with micro air passageways for a cooler night's sleep.

A Note on Bed Sheet Weave Types

There are a few different types of bed sheet weave (or how a sheet is knitted together):

  • Percale Weave: Percale weave bed sheets are one of the most common types of bed sheet weave and defined by a distinct crisscross stitch pattern.
  • Sateen Weave: Sateen weave bed sheets are stitched with a higher count of fibers on the surface of the weave, giving off a smoother appearance.
  • Twill Weave: Twill weave bed sheets employ a diagonal stitch, making them less susceptible to wrinkling.

Because the comfort quality of a bed sheet is determined largely by the material of the sheet and how breathable the material is, the weave type of a bed sheet is usually not significant enough to affect the overall feel of the sheet – to the extent that many manufacturers will exclude this information from the packaging.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Sheets

Another factor to consider when shopping for bed sheets is how much time, energy and money they will cost (or save) you in the long run. To help reduce water and energy use, look for sheets that can be washed in cold water, are designed to dry quickly and are wrinkle resistant.

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