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7 Backyard Dining Table Ideas

Whether you're preparing to have guests over for a dinner party or want to liven up your current outdoor dining space, there's something special about eating outside in nature with those you care about.
Outdoor furniture has come a long way since the days of plastic seating and fabric lawn chairs. While these items still have their place, your backyard dining area deserves to look and feel as comfortable as your dining room inside. Take a look at these seven backyard dining table configurations to draw inspiration from for your next patio project

Mixed Seating and Special Al Fresco Dinnerware

One of the best parts of creating your outdoor space is the range of styles you can incorporate without worrying about the color of the walls or where lights are situated. Take advantage of this with unique table settings that catch the eye of everyone who walks by. Consider also having multiple options for seating to accommodate busy parents and social butterflies who keep getting pulled away.

Wicker Outdoor Seating

A tried and true classic of outdoor furniture is wicker, used in everything from chairs to storage baskets. Wicker was once only available in the standard wood staining that popularized the material, but today's outdoor seating options have expanded to include every color, style, and size you can imagine. The material stands up to sun bleaching and weathering meaning you'll be able to enjoy wicker pieces for decades with minimal upkeep.

A Full Living Room Right in Your Own Backyard

There's no denying that there are days when the allure of being outside just doesn't stop nagging at the back of your mind. So why not take the comforts you have in your cozy living room or den and take them outside? Coffee tables, end tables, sofas, recliners, and even bar carts can be found made out of durable material such as wicker and wood to create the ideal outdoor living room.

Dark Grain and Uniform Slats

Often seen as a solution to cover up a concrete or bare earth outdoor patio, slatted flooring is a great way to create a level ground to build your next living space on. They're easy to clean as water drains between the slats, just be sure to use cleaning agents that won't damage your lawn! Slatted seating shares the same ease of cleaning while also allowing for some airflow to give guests a comfortable seating option on hot days.

Go Bold With Your Outdoor Dining Ideas

Outdoor entertaining can be a challenge if your furniture is on the flimsy side. Thankfully, the solution is both sturdy and acts as a focal point for the rest of the space. Tables and chairs that use simple but thick pieces of wood such as 4x4's let guests place their food down without worrying about it knocking everything off balance.

Bring the Heat With Your Lighting Ideas

Everyone loves sitting around a fire pit to roast marshmallows and share stories, spooky or otherwise. Take the intimacy of the fire pit and place it in the middle of the table! As the sun sets and night begins, everyone will still be able to see each other's faces to carry on the conversation and blissfully pass the time.

Add Layers to Your Outdoor Dining Area

Having a bar in your backyard makes serving drinks and catching up with friends easier than ever. Guests can choose to stand or grab a high top chair to sit and chat for a while, all while your outdoor space enjoys an added dash of color to match the vibe you're creating. Get a little wild with the designs and styles you try out, it's your backyard at the end of the day! It doesn't matter if you start with no direction or already have the perfect vision in mind when it comes to your backyard dining area. As long as you get started and keep updating it, you'll zero in on your exact tastes before you know it.

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